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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Getting Through January

Image showing a woman at her desk wearing a black and white striped jumper decorated with cherries
Well dear reader, I had a stellar new outfit to show you this week but the weather had other ideas. It was so GREY and while we had a brief snow flurry in London, it didn't settle and so I couldn't get any "winter wonderland" photos. So instead, I've put together a post about what I've been doing in this hideous month so far, and my work outfits.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Quirky Shoes

Image showing three different Poetic Licence shoes and the box they come in
A post I did recently on Instagram showing my latest pair of Poetic Licence shoes received lots of likes, so here's a longer post about my love for quirky footwear.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Cardigans are all the rage: well I never!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista wearing a belted long line cardigan in  grey worn over black trousers and metallic brogues. A cream fleecy scarf adds interest.
The cardigan, the Times told us last week, is no longer for grannies. The likes of Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez have rediscovered this classic and the cardigan is cool again.

Well, for some of us it never went away. I have always been very partial to a cropped cardigan: here in a green one, and here in a pink one.

But looking at some of the different types of cardigan online, I was excited to try some different styles. There are "statement cardigans" such as Gucci's statement, over sized cardigans knitted with colourful yarns; bobble cardigans, where the sleeves continue the trend for elaborate decoration, and long, coat like cardigans, some like kimonos. One of my favourite retailers, The-bias.cut.com, has some great new designs by Hayley Menzie, including a long cardigan in 100% soft cotton with a print inspired by a vintage 1950s fairground.
Image showing a fashion conscious middle aged woman wearing a long line knitted grey cardigan worn over black trousers and metallic brogues, with a pink top and cream fleecy neck wear.
I haven't worn a long, duster-coat like cardigan for probably over a decade. I like the dramatic effect they can have, sweeping around you, and also the extra warmth on these cold winter days.

The cardigan I'm wearing is by JDY and just £26 from Asos. Grey always looks great with pink so I paired it with a fuchsia pink top from Warehouse (last season), plain black trousers and pewter metallic shoes (Next). What lifts the outfit, and gives it even more cosiness, is my cream fleecy Rew neck wear. I added a belt because long, drapey cardigans and any oversized knitwear can make you look a lot bigger. If you're very slim, you can do a Victoria Beckham and look waif like in large clothes. I need a belt!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista in long line grey knit cardigan black trousers pink top and elaborate cream neck wear.
Next week I'll show a different cardigan look which revolves around these new Poetic Licence beauties, a Christmas present. Hope you can join me next Sunday!
Image showing black and red womens shoes decorated with patterns and sparkles and clear perspex heels. By Poetic Licence.
Were you aware that cardigans are "in" again and if so, have you been rocking a new look? Let me know in the comments below.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Image showing a middle aged woman posing against a white garage door wearing silver skirt and shoes and an iris blue velvet top
So here it is, my last post for 2017. I've got a lot to tell you so it may be a long post! First, Christmas. On December 23 we took John's grown-up children and their partners to a Christmas Carol singalong at the Royal Albert Hall, followed by lunch. If you live in or near London, I'd highly recommend the Raymond Gubbay Christmas series. The carol concerts are really magical.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Ultra Violet: the 2018 Colour of the Year

Image showing the colour ultra violet, the colour of the year for 2018 recommended by the Pantone Institute
The Pantone Institute has chosen this colour, ultra violet, as its colour of the year.  Expect to see this variation of purple in home decor and fashion.

Monday, 18 December 2017

5 Over 50 Challenge: Christmas Jumpers

Image showing a middle aged woman indoors wearing a cream Christmas jumper embellished with reindeer antlers and a red tartan skirt
Christmas jumpers tend to be associated with the brazen, colourful Father Christmas embellished affairs with flashing lights, but they come in four different varieties. Laurie's challenge for the 5 0ver 50 for December is styling a Christmas jumper and it's interesting to see that three of the boxes are ticked. Fortunately no-one chose to wear the overtly ugly version of a Christmas jumper!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

I do love a patterned skirt!

Image showing an over 50s woman in blue cowl neck jumper patterned skirt coloured tights and pink and blue shoes
I've been very consistent over the years in loving a patterned skirt with colourful tights and jumper/sweater. I have several from Boden including my beloved green skirt and I used to have a permanent search on eBay for Boden skirts.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

A cosy combo for cold days

Image showing an over 50s woman in black and white check coat and red accessories for winter 2017 on a chilly day in the garden.
Now where did I put those gloves?
Winter for the Met Office starts on 1 December. Ahead: chapped lips, travel plans occasionally ruined by the wrong type of snow; the festival of over-consumption that now starts on the US import Black Friday and runs to the New Year; howling winds, darkness when setting off for work (allowing extra time to scrape ice off the car) and darkness when returning.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Supermarket Chic

Image showing a 50 plus woman in a colour block jumper and skirt posing by barges
My recent post about vintage and thrifted chic was very popular so it got me thinking: how about looking at clothes you can buy in a supermarket?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Red Bombshell dress and a night at Heston's

Image showing a 50 plus woman in the garden wearing a red Bombshell dress
I have always wanted a Bombshell dress. They never fail to make the wearer look curvaceous and confident, whether it's Nigella Lawson, who bought 12,  or blogger Nikki Garnett (scroll down to see her in a full-length gold Bombshell dress). So when I heard, three months ago, that I'd succeeded in getting a fab new job at my advanced age, I decided to treat myself to a red Bombshell dress.
Image showing a 50 plus woman in red figure flattering dress and quirky red and black shoes decorated with cherries
It got its first outing at the weekend when Mr Mutton and I went for dinner at the glamorous Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  It was my post birthday treat. 

I find it hard to find the right shoes to go with occasion wear. If I was able to wear high heels, finding a fabulous pair wouldn't be a problem. But I literally can't walk in them so I have to find kitten heels or low block heels. They don't always look very fashionable. The model on the Bombshell website was wearing nude high heels with her red dress but that's a bit too "Middleton" for me. I found a suitably quirky and cute pair of shoes at one of my favourite brands, Poetic Licence. I teamed them with nude fishnets.
Image showing a woman in her 50s in a red dress standing by the bar of a luxurious London hotel
First stop, a glass of Champagne at the bar. 
Dinner by Heston is not to be confused with his eponymous restaurant The Fat Duck at Bray in Berkshire. I went there a few years ago and it's a fabulous experience, working your way through the experimental and stunning tasting menu.

The Dinner restaurant, overlooking Hyde Park, offers modern dishes, inspired by historic British gastronomy. The menu shows the year when each dish was originally to be found. We love this restaurant because it's got such a great vibe. The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic without being pompous or overbearing. I realised I was done with Michelin starred fine dining when, at another famous London restaurant, a waiter said snootily "I'll ask the water waiter" when asked for another bottle of water.
Image showing a man in his early 60s at a restaurant in London
Mr Mutton gets his close-up 
The last time we were here it was in June for our wedding anniversary. We had a table looking out at the park and the light was fantastic. Last night, it was dark outside and more atmospheric inside, but it didn't make for great photography so I won't share all the photos we took of our food (sorry Nancy!).  I was seated with a great view straight into the kitchen. One guy spent the evening grappling with the flames of an oven that was searing pork chops. Another was painstakingly cleaning and trimming mushrooms individually.
Image showing Meat Fruit starter where chicken liver pate is made to look like a mandarin with leaves. At Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Mr Mutton had the famous "Meat Fruit" (c.1300) which looks just like a mandarin but is in fact chicken liver pate. I had a starter called Salamagundy (c.1720): chicken oysters, salsify, marrowbone, horseradish cream & pickled walnuts. The combination of different textures, and the powerful flavours, were divine. We didn't choose Savoury Porridge (c. 1660) - snails, girolles, garlic, parsley & fennel - because neither of us like snails.
Image showing a dessert called sambocade at Dinner by Heston Blumental featuring a goats milk cheesecake lderflower & apple, perry poached pear & smoked candied walnuts
For the main course I had Powdered Duck Breast (c.1850), braised & grilled red cabbage, spiced umbles (whatever an umble is....!) and pickled cherries. Mr M had Cod in Cider (c.1940), with chard and flamed mussels. All tip top! I was too stuffed for pudding or cheese but Mr M managed to push down Sambocade (c.1390) which came with a goat alert: goats milk cheese cake, elderflower and apple, perry poached pear and smoked candied walnuts.

The final flourish was a sweetmeat presented to me on a plate with "Happy birthday Gail" in ganache.
Image showing a 50 plus woman in a white conservatory wearing a red Bombshell dress, nude fishnet tights and red and black Poetic Licence shoes

Image showing a close up of a woman wearing a Pandora rose gold bracelet with charms
I kept the jewellery simple with a rose gold circle necklace and rose gold charm bracelet 

Outfit Details

Red Bombshell dress from BombshellHQ;  Shake It shoes by Poetic Licence, Amazon

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Monday, 6 November 2017

5 Over 50 Challenge: Boots!

Image showing over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon in all black with a wide leather waist belt and over the knee sock boots
Anna from Anna's Island Style has set this month's challenge for the intrepid 5 Over 50 fashion bloggers, and it's "These boots are made for walking."

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Fab experience with The-Bias-Cut

Image showing a 40 plus woman in green velvet jacket and navy side stripe trousers with a cream convertible bag
Imagine spending the day with two blogger friends, a professional make-up artist and photographer, and a new and vibrant fashion brand with a rail of divine clothes. Yes, it was heaven, and that's what I did recently courtesy of the Bias Cut.


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Side striped trousers and Teatum Jones shirt

Image showing over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in gold side striped trousers and Teatum Jones white shirt with leopard print kitten heels.There's something very timeless about a crisp white shirt and black trousers. I was tempted to try these Hush side stripe trousers after seeing them on Nikki from Midlife Chic. I liked the idea of a gold stripe - it makes them more glamorous and less like Adidas jogging pants. The shirt, which has wonderful texture and glamorous sleeves, is by up-and-coming London brand Teatum Jones, sold by Next in their new initiative "Mix" which features independent designers. 
Image showing woman over 40 in black trousers with a gold side stripe and a frilled sleeve white tailored shirtThe shirt is wonderful quality with buttons covered by the placket (always a sign of quality) and darts. I added a waist belt and chunky pearls.
Image showing woman in her 50s wearing gold side stripe trousers , leather waist belt and frilled sleeve white shirt
The shoes are a fun touch. I never used to go anywhere near leopard or cheetah print until last summer, thinking it too Bet Lynch. But I was converted by a leopard print clutch bag which went with so many outfits. I don't think you'll ever see me in an animal print faux fur coat but I love touches of leopard print in accessories.

The kitten heel shoes are by Vionic, so not only are they very  stylish, they're also comfortable. Vionic's unique FMT Technology provides superior orthotic support, relief and stability to help realign the feet back to their natural position.  I wrote about Vionic here.
The socks are what we used to call "pop sox" by Charnos - they now call them "fashion knee highs." I like the different designs they come in.
Image showing a close up of the frilled sleeve shirt by Teatum Jones from Mix at Next

Image showing Josie kitten heel shoes in tan leopard by Vionic

Outfit Details

Teatum Jones frill cuff shirt, Mix at Next; Josie shoes in tan leopard, Vionic; Alexis trousers, Hush. Belt, Once Upon a Belt; fashion knee high socks, Charnos.

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What do you think about side stripe trousers? Smart enough for the office or dining out, or best saved for the gym?

And how much leopard or cheetah print do you have?


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Vintage and Thrifted Special

Imageshowing Gail Hanlon from over-40s-blog-Is-This-Mutton in thrifted corduroy coat and vintage wardrobe items including a fur stole
Many of you are engaged in "No Spend October" on Instagram, where you're shopping your closet and not going near the shops or those pesky online retailers. I'm afraid I'm still spending, but to enter into the spirit of the thing, I've put together a really ancient and partially thrifted outfit!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Where are the bodysuits? And no more Hygge or Ikigai!

Amusing image montage of over-40s blogger Gail Hanlon who fronts Is This Mutton

Mutton's Choice Cuts, October 2017

Shirts, blouses and a lot of other tops are very annoying when tucked into a skirt or trousers. There's either too much fabric, creating wrinkly bottoms and bunching, or not enough fabric, which means they constantly wriggle free.

So I can fully understand why bodysuits became a thing in the 80s: the all-in-one which gave a smooth line but had issues of its own around poppers on the undercarriage and sometimes a cheese wire (thong).

Sunday, 8 October 2017

One jumper, three ways

Image showing a striking Rew scarf, the neckwear fastened with one button, in green
I was attracted to this Hobbs Sofia jumper by its green and navy colours, and the fact it can be worn quite casually or dressed up a bit.

Monday, 2 October 2017

5 Over 50 Challenge: Hats

Gail Hanlon in burgundy fedora hat and mixing red with burgundy
When I set the "A Woman Wears Many Hats" challenge, I had no idea it would be so unpopular. The ladies have not been keen, so I can't wait to see what they've pulled out of the bag, hat-wise.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

A statement striped shirt with hounds tooth and leopard print

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton pairs a statement striped shirt with houndstooth shoes for a contemporary fashion look for the over 40s
I was recently pondering over my lack of stripes but this Finery London statement striped shirt has made me see the error of my ways. It's a great look for the office and with some funky accessories it's elevated above a striped shirt with plain black trousers.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

In the Pink

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton fashion blog for the over 40s
So the latest instalment in the saga of my new office wardrobe is this pink jumper worn with a grey skirt and pewter shoes.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Asymmetric Skirt and Polka Dot Blouse

Look smart and fashionable at work in an asymmetric midi skirt, polka dot blouse and square toed Mary Jane shoes
Followers on Instagram will know that tomorrow is a big day for Is This Mutton? Yes, I start work in a new job, a full-time marketing role after a few months off, and this will probably be the inaugural outfit.
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