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Sunday 21 January 2018

Getting Through January

Image showing a woman at her desk wearing a black and white striped jumper decorated with cherries
Well dear reader, I had a stellar new outfit to show you this week but the weather had other ideas. It was so GREY and while we had a brief snow flurry in London, it didn't settle and so I couldn't get any "winter wonderland" photos. So instead, I've put together a post about what I've been doing in this hideous month so far, and my work outfits.
My colleagues are a fairly casual bunch, working as I do in the hi-tech/engineering sector, so I quickly learnt that asymmetric skirts and dresses were no good (except for conferences or trade shows). I mostly wear black trousers and try to liven it up with my quirky shoes and jewellery. Below, I am wearing fabulous metallic brogues from Next, black trousers from M&S, blouse from Next, cropped cashmere cardigan from Pure Collection and two chunky pearl necklaces.

I wanted one of those bright stripe jumpers but they were out of stock at Asos. Warehouse caught my eye with this black and white stripey number, plus added cherries (top). I love cherries. Can you see I'm wearing one cherry earring (bought at a Christmas bazaar in Plymouth). I'm not doing a Meghan Markle - I can't find the other one. I finished off with red boots.
Image showing an over 40s woman in casual work outfit of black jeans, black and white striped jumper with cherries and red boots
This January has been intolerable, and I'm not even dieting /detoxing or struggling through resolutions.

I did resolve to #walk1000miles, a challenge being run by Country Walking Magazine, and I've been very good so far.  I work in Cambridge and hardly know the place at all, so I've been tramping around the streets and finding routes. One route passes claypits and a nature park, another, two Tesco's - useful if I need a few supplies. I take my "walking outfit" to work to make sure I go out in all weathers: deluge trousers, North Face rain jacket, hat, gloves, trainers. Plus ipod and phone, to record the mileage. I heat up some soup when I get back.

So far I've done 70 miles. Mr Mutton himself escorted me yesterday round the Lee Valley Park; we both expected the weather to clear up but it carried on raining, so we got quite wet. I went into a frenzy of Nik Waxing when I got home.

I've been trying to eat healthily - making soups and ensuring we have fish once or twice a week.
Image showing a woman with a seal filter cramming a fish into her mouth
With the extra walking and trying to keep calories to around 1500 a day, you would expect to lose weight. But I don't, and the reason is that most of us don't need anywhere near the 2,000 calories that are quoted daily for the average woman. I need just 1400 calories a day, and that's to maintain my weight. If I exercise a lot more, then it goes up accordingly. But to lose weight, I need to drop quite low, which is why in the past I've used diets like the Alevere medical diet. I'm mulling it over. I need to lose at least seven pounds before we do the Coast to Coast walk in May (200 miles in 15 days) but at the current rate, I'll be lucky to lose half a pound a week.

I'll be back next week hopefully with the stellar new outfit I told you about (it needs a blue sky to do it justice).

Enjoy the rest of January. I'm meeting up with fellow blogger and Mouton Anna next week, so looking forward to that!

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  1. Your sweater is fabulous! I love accessories with cherries too. Have a good week!

    1. Can't beat a few cherries Nancy, and I like to eat them too in the season!

  2. How lovely to be able to walk around Cambridge. I'm assuming that it's mostly flat. Where I live, in Auckland, New Zealand, I have to walk up a hill just to start a walk. Everywhere is hilly and can make walking a bit of a mission. Am enjoying reading through your blog

    1. Cambridge is indeed very flat, a mixed blessing because the wind whistles in across the fens and it's usually a few degrees colder than where I live. Auckland looks wonderful, great scenery, so lovely for walking. I live near Epping Forest so this is a good place for walks too.

  3. I love this outfit on you Gail. One of my favourites. Enjoy meeting Anna. Like you say it's good to meet up with someone and talk blogger talk.
    Laurie xx

    1. Thanks Laurie, looking forward to it. We're hoping to organise another meetup soon.

  4. Looking forward to our outing and we can starve together. As you can see from my latest post is also struggle and I can't lose weight at the mo on even 1200 which is supposed to be the minimum any adult needs just to live. Blah to that. I have to go below 1200 to lose weight. It's a nightmare.

    1. I feel your pain! I'm convinced that the issue of women not needing as many calories as "experts" tell us is the main reason why people put weight back on.

  5. Oh, dear friend, I can totally relate. I have been doing Weight Watchers and walking/exercising more but the scales are stuck. So irritating. Actually, my clothes feel a little better and if I tone up some, I will be happy.

    I remember that you like cherries and have a quirky-cute pair of shoes with cherries, I think. This jumper and those bright boots are perfect for your casual work environment. Very put together but not over the top.

    I read somewhere - Instagram? - that this had been a difficult month for you. We are nearing the end so hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will all feel better as temperatures begin to warm. Hang in there, sweets. You sure look great!

    1. It's not too bad really, I find that winter drags and I long for signs of spring. Maybe a bit of "SAD." I try not to take on draconian resolutions at this time of year but weight gain at Christmas was inevitable and best to try to lose it quickly. The scales showed 2 pounds down today (1kg) - yay!!

  6. Gail, you look ever so stylish and I love how you are rocking the red booties. Adding a dash of sass is always the way to go. Xo Jonet

  7. What a lovely jumper Gail, a nice bright, fun top to liven up work. x Jacqui

  8. Such a gorgeous jumper! I love your red boots too. I'm from Peterborough and I briefly went to uni in Cambridge. It's a beautiful city and only a 40 minute drive from my mum's house, I'd love to have a day there in the summer when I'm visiting. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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