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I'm Gail, a 50 something native Janner (Plymothian), living in London, UK. I'm a former journalist who turned poacher and went into PR and marketing.

I don't profess to being a fashion expert, and one of the things this blog has taught me is to keep trying new looks rather than staying in the same rut. So I'm not making any great claims about this blog or what I'm trying to do. Put simply, I like buying cosmetics, accessories and clothes! And why "Is this mutton?" Well, the possibility of looking "mutton" is probably the thing that worries the over 40s the most. It's often at the back of my mind.

I may look confident posing in outfits but it's a fairly recent development. You do gain a lot more confidence as you get older and care less about what people think. A few years ago I was overweight - a size 16 (UK) at my worst - and a couch potato.  I took myself in hand and finally found exercise I enjoy - muscle resistance/HIT at a fantastic Power Plate studio; walking and yoga.

It's a constant struggle not to put weight on. The older you get, the fewer calories you need so the official guidance that women need 2000 calories a day to exist on is wrong and it's why so many of us regain weight when we've lost it. My daily BMR  (what our bodies use during the day, without exercising) is 1,300 calories, so you can see that with many diets recommending 1,400 calories for weight loss,  it's going to take a long time to lose just a pound!  (I'll probably cover this in more detail.....).

So have a look at me looking OK in some outfits and terrible in others. It's a bit of fun!And if you think I look like Theresa May (which someone suggested on Facebook), well, she's doing OK for a woman of 63. Pretty sassy!


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  1. Being a librarian (and an American), I had fun researching what a "Janner" was and the origin of that phrase... plus the origin of the mutton phrase ("mutton dressed as lamb"). Language is so interesting! Do you also follow Catherine's style blog 'Not Dressed as Lamb'?


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