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Fashion,beauty and jewellery for the non-invisible woman over 45


Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon, an over 40s fashion and beauty blogger
I'm Gail Hanlon, a 50 something native Janner (Plymothian), living in London, UK. I'm a former journalist who turned poacher and went into PR and marketing.

I revived Is This Mutton? in December 2016 after it had lain dormant for a few years. I don't claim to be a fashion expert but I've learnt what suits me and I try to look good - and I won't add here "for my age."

I had a few months off work and concentrated on increasing the blog's domain authority, starting to work with brands and building my social media profile.

Now I'm working full-time again for a very exciting UK hi-tech company so Is This Mutton? has less of my time, although I still hope to provide regular posts on fashion, beauty and jewellery.  I'll also be branching out with tales of my adventures in #walk1000miles and the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk, which we're doing in May  (200 miles in 15 days).


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  1. Being a librarian (and an American), I had fun researching what a "Janner" was and the origin of that phrase... plus the origin of the mutton phrase ("mutton dressed as lamb"). Language is so interesting! Do you also follow Catherine's style blog 'Not Dressed as Lamb'?


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