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Wednesday 12 June 2024

Vegan Hair Products that Hydrate

 Gail Hanlon of Is This Mutton tries out the HYDR-8 range of hair products from Vegamour

Dear friends.  If you're anything like me, you scrutinise hair care products to check their ingredients, while keen to find hair care solutions that work.

I was pleased to be invited to try a new range from well-known Vegan brand Vegamour. Not only are their products free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, gluten and artificial fragrance, but they're a good natural alternative to products which can give unwanted side effects.

The range I tried is called HYDR-8, formulated for those with dry, damaged hair.


Monday 10 June 2024

Why I Love Clarkson's Farm

 Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper. Copyright Radio Times

Dear friends. I was never keen on Jeremy Clarkson during the Top Gear days. And The Grand Tour is even worse, because the stunts and the gents are so jaded.

So I was as surprised as anyone to find I LOVE Clarkson's Farm (Prime). We started watching as soon as it launched, back in June 2021. We were in another lockdown at the time and new programmes were quickly seized upon.


Wednesday 5 June 2024

A visit to the Kettlewell Colour Studio and a Garden Centre Treat

 And Wow on Wednesday

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in new lilac leopard dress

Dear friends.  I visited the Kettlewell Colour Studio in Somerset at the weekend,  and today I'm showing my new purchase, their Tilly dress.

I don't know what's come over me because it's my fourth dress purchase this year, although the other three were retro styles.  All this from a person who said she hardly ever wore dresses! 


Friday 31 May 2024

Chelsea Flower Show and More: May in Review


Dear friends. The two main highlights of May were the Chelsea Flower Show and our 4-day cycling holiday along the Way of the Roses.  I'm going to major on the flower show as you can read about the cycling break here.

Plus the rest of the month's trivia. Picking up from where we left off, with the last few days of April. 

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