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Sunday 7 January 2018

Cardigans are all the rage: well I never!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista wearing a belted long line cardigan in  grey worn over black trousers and metallic brogues. A cream fleecy scarf adds interest.

The cardigan, the Times told us last week, is no longer for grannies. The likes of Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez have rediscovered this classic and the cardigan is cool again.

Well, for some of us it never went away. I have always been very partial to a cropped cardigan: here in a green one, and here in a pink one.

But looking at some of the different types of cardigan online, I was excited to try some different styles. There are "statement cardigans" such as Gucci's statement, over sized cardigans knitted with colourful yarns; bobble cardigans, where the sleeves continue the trend for elaborate decoration, and long, coat like cardigans, some like kimonos. One of my favourite retailers, The-bias.cut.com, has some great new designs by Hayley Menzie, including a long cardigan in 100% soft cotton with a print inspired by a vintage 1950s fairground.

Image showing a fashion conscious middle aged woman wearing a long line knitted grey cardigan worn over black trousers and metallic brogues, with a pink top and cream fleecy neck wear.

I haven't worn a long, duster-coat like cardigan for probably over a decade. I like the dramatic effect they can have, sweeping around you, and also the extra warmth on these cold winter days.

The cardigan I'm wearing is by JDY and just £26 from Asos. Grey always looks great with pink so I paired it with a fuchsia pink top from Warehouse (last season), plain black trousers and pewter metallic shoes (Next). What lifts the outfit, and gives it even more cosiness, is my cream fleecy Rew neck wear. I added a belt because long, drapey cardigans and any oversized knitwear can make you look a lot bigger. If you're very slim, you can do a Victoria Beckham and look waif like in large clothes. I need a belt!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista in long line grey knit cardigan black trousers pink top and elaborate cream neck wear.

Next week I'll show a different cardigan look which revolves around these new Poetic Licence beauties, a Christmas present. Hope you can join me next Sunday!

Image showing black and red womens shoes decorated with patterns and sparkles and clear perspex heels. By Poetic Licence.

Were you aware that cardigans are "in" again and if so, have you been rocking a new look? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Gail, the cardi never left this granny! I have a huge one draped over my office chair, just in case i need back-up. Long cardis are so snug for this time of year and yours is perfect in length and colour.
    Hugs, x.

    1. Thanks Mary - it's always amusing to hear of favourite styles and pieces of clothing being appropriated by the youngsters, as if they've just discovered it (well, they have - for them!).

  2. Same here, I've never left them behind. Love this long grey beauty from ASOS, and the pink is the perfect pairing color! xox


  3. I think cardigans are the most used part of a wardrobe. They are so versatile and used all year long in a lot of climates!

    1. You're right Cheryl, I find them indispensable! Nice to see there are now so many in the stores.

  4. Lovely cardigan Gail. I love keeping warm with mine. Love your new shoes too :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, hope to see you on Wednesday for our next blog hop :)

  5. I love cardigans too! This one is gorgeous! Gemma x

  6. What a fab pair of brogues Gail...shoe envy alert! :oP

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40

  7. Ah oh, I didn't know they had gone "out". Ooops. I have a closet full, some simple, some embellished. Some long and some short. But what I don't have are a pair of those incredible Poetic License shoes. OH MY STARS!!! They are smashing. Can't wait to see the cardi you pair them with!!

  8. I have three what I call Coatigans That I've had for a few years and I wear them constantly when the weather is a bit warmer. I like the belting idea Gail. I will be trying that. xx

  9. I knew they had another name Laurie, but I couldn't remember what it was! Coatigan. I may use them as an alternative to ponchos when the weather gets a bit warmer.

  10. I have always loved cardigans, too, Gail, in all shapes and lengths and prints and colors. I was not aware that they were ever out of fashion! Oops. I am loving your duster cardigan and it is so cute belted! You metallic brogues are right up my alley, too, and those new shoes...WOW! Love! Thanks so much for linking up with me!


    1. Thanks Shelbee - I've decided to dedicate my next post to my "quirky shoes" collection!

  11. I love the shoes.. wow those are some fancy footwear! i am a fan of cardigans but dont have many long ones. Love this style on you with the bright pink. Very pretty!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  12. I'm a big fan of long cardigans, they make a great alternative to jackets in cold weather. I also like them because they cover my bum and hide VPLs. The Hayley Menzies carousel cardigan is amazing! I love your new shoes! Thanks for linking up :-)

    Emma xxx


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