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Sunday 1 July 2018

Shorts for work

A lilac gingham short sleeved top worn with lilac sunglasses and white knee length shorts by midlife blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton? dot com
Would you wear shorts to work?  In my case, yes. I work for a laid back company in the tech sector and as soon as the sun comes out, the men put their shorts on and expose their feet in all their gnarly glory. I would only wear "smart" shorts or pedal pushers. They're not much different from a skirt.

These shorts are from Marks and Spencer and they're in a lovely soft fabric and feel very comfortable. A few years ago, I always wore shorts like this on holiday with floaty tops. I've added a lilac gingham top, also from M&S, and some statement tasselled earrings. I bought several pairs because a fast way to jazz up an outfit is with some fashion jewellery. 

City shorts or pedal pushers for work? If they're smart and knee length, argues over 40s blogger Is This Mutton, who features a white pair with a lilac gingham top.

I also had a pair of navy pedal pushers from M&S, having read in the Times that pedal pushers are apparently all the rage.  If they are, hardly any retailers have them - or if they do, they're not calling them that. Apparently Meghan Markle was seen in a pair over the weekend, so there could now be a surge in demand.

The pedal pushers I ordered were supposed to be "sculpt and lift," but the tight, stretchy material was very unflattering and they didn't make it to these pages! It's a shame because I had some navy culottes a few years ago that were exactly the right shape and style, and I'm kicking myself for giving them away.

Mid life blogger Is This Mutton? in white city shorts and lilac gingham top with purple tassel earrings

A good tip for finding out which length of short is right for you. Hold up a towel in front of yourself (with bare legs), and slowly lift it. You'll see how much leg is flattering for you. Then your challenge  is to find a pair of shorts that are the same length.

Do you / would you wear shorts to work?  Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I adore your top! What a stunning colour! That's really laid back that you can wear shorts to work. Great with weather like this!,

  2. Lilac and white is such a lovely colour combination for Summer. I don't wear shorts for work but I do like to wear culottes when it's warm. I love your tassel earrings and the perspex heels on your sandals! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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