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Sunday 11 November 2018

Les deux mouton visit Alexander House Spa

Blogger Is This Mutton? in the champagne bar at Alexander House Hotel and Spa in Sussex

As we both have "mutton" in the title of our blogs, Anna from Mutton Style and myself have become "Les deux moutons."  American readers, read my "About" where I explain what the mutton malarkey means in the UK. Our latest adventure was spending some down time at Alexander House hotel and Utopia Spa, in Sussex.
Above, I'm perusing the lunch menu in the champagne bar. Below: a roaring fire is always a welcome sight, even though it was a fairly mild 12 degrees.

A traditional spa hotel always has cosy nooks and fireplaces

Our bathroom was stunning, although unfortunately we never got to use the huge bath. Having gorgeous L'Occitane toiletries was a bonus.

The bathroom with large bath and L 'Occitane toiletries at Alexander House Hortel and Spa

Anna is active on Youtube and managed to talk me into doing a Youtube Live, where wetalked for half an hour about topics ranging from Donny v David, (neither for me!) and sci-fi. Catch this epoch making broadcast here. We also did an Instagram Live (my first).

After lunch we adjourned to the spa, Anna's injured finger protected by a Marigold and held aloft in the middle of the jacuzzi like the Statue of Liberty.

I had a facial using ila products, a luxury spa brand made in the Cotswolds and sold only in Harrods, apart from on their website.

Feeling exhausted  (it's very tiring doing nothing!) we drifted down to dinner with hardly any make-up on, such was the glow from our facials.

Oh, and I managed to talk Anna into taking some pictures. Makes a change from facing a tripod.

A spectacular tree backdrop at Alexander House Hotel for Is This Mutton? blogger  Gail Hanlon

I'm wearing a new blouse from The Bias Cut.com in soft and silky cupro, and a cropped cashmere cardigan which picks out the orangey-red chillis in the pattern. My jeans are mid-rise kick flares, a newer silhouette, and black silver-heeled sock boots.

A blogger shoot in the grounds of Alexander House Hotel and Spa in Sussex

Outfit details: crop cashmere cardigan; straight mid-rise jeans; blouse; ankle boots

A walk along a tree lined drive for Mutton Style blogger Anna.

Here's Anna.

We had dinner in the hotel's Reflections restaurant, a bistro-style eatery (there is a grander restaurant as well).  The food was good, the service a little trying: we had two women serving us, independently, and each one kept asking if the food was OK, did we need anything else? When you're trying to eat and talk, and it's not a Michelin star restaurant, this becomes a bit wearing.

The next day we spent some more time in the spa and had it virtually to ourselves, before Anna dropped me off at the station.

We paid for our own stay. 


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  1. Yes I thought the attention in the restaurant was annoying too. Kept losing our train of conversation. I'm going to do a post on the self facial separately if I can remember what I learnt . Shame you missed it. It was an interesting session. Lovely post Gail. Thanks for sharing a few days with me.


  2. I love that chilli print blouse so much...I may have to buy one! Looks like a lovely place where you stayed - that roaring fire is very inviting! Thanks for linking up!
    Emma xxx


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