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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Silver Linings, Coffee Skirt Three Ways

Staying positive: over-50s blogger Gail Hanlon in green and navy Scotch and Soda blouse with coffee coloured A line midi skirt from Marks and Spencer

While "The Awfulness" is with us, it's sometimes hard to find any silver linings.  But positives can be found, and it's worth having your own list so you can remind yourself when life gets tough. My silver linings:
  • Here in the UK we have just moved into spring, and it's a beautiful time of year with blossom, daffodils, tulips, blue skies, trees greening up
  • In the garden we have robins nesting in a new nesting box and blackbirds nesting in the hedge. It's a constant hive (!) of activity.
  • With all this hand washing, many people will (hopefully) carry on and there will be less flu and colds going round every winter
  • We're forced to take life at a slower pace, living in the present. I wonder why do we waste so much time taking photos and videos. For what?
  • Old-fashioned pursuits are returning: families being inventive with play, board games and quizzes over HouseParty, making your own wine, cooking from scratch, embroidery
  • Once it's over, we may appreciate life in a different way. Less commercialised, less selfish
  • People are discovering the pleasure of a daily walk  (I think some think it's been mandated by the government!)
  • Those of us lucky enough to have a balcony, patio or garden will enjoy it all the more this summer 
  • I used to feel guilty as a blogger of not finding great locations for my shoots. But as I do them on my own, with a tripod, I find it too daunting to go to central London or other places. Now, of course, a lot of urban bloggers would kill for a garden they can take pictures in! 
  • Technology has finally come of age. Home working for millions is now a reality, and possible. Videoconferencing brings families and friends together and it works. As someone who has worked in tech for more than 25 years, this is rewarding. I remember the first few video calls and it was always hit and miss that they would work.
When it ends, our First World problems will immediately rear their ugly heads: people desperate to get hairdresser appointments;  people battling to book the holidays still available for September (or whenever). But I've already decided I won't be joining them.  The Awfulness has already taught me the beauty of going with the flow and stepping aside from the herd. The herd tramples others underfoot to get what they want, whether it's toilet roll or fresh food to stockpile, only to throw it out untouched when it goes out of life  (shocking but true). 

Now to the outfit, and  I'm featuring a classic neutral skirt that is extremely versatile. It's the same style as the pink skirt I bought last year, an A line shape that flatters most, with a removable belt. It's from Marks and Spencer and the colour is described as coffee.  I like the contrasting tortoiseshell buttons. It's also available in white.

Middle-aged woman with fair hair in neutral beige skirt with navy, green and yellow

I've got three different looks to show you.  Above, add a twist with yellow boots that echo the yellow in the fabulous Scotch and Soda blouse. It's still a bit cold so I haven't thrown my tights aside yet. The bag, from Coach, goes with everything.

Next up: a white pullover with knee-length navy boots and a statement blue necklace.

Coffee coloured midi skirt paired with navy and white

You can just about see Molly on the left: it's gradually becoming warm enough for her to venture outside, albeit briefly. The daffodils on the left are Thalia, Monty Don's favourite. Certainly very elegant.

Final look is a flourish of sequins. I was planning to use a red top but the green sequin top was singing out to me from the wardrobe! It's an old one, worn with an equally old cropped cardigan from Boden. They have these every year and I snap them up in different colours because they go with so many outfits. The green snakeskin boots are from Asos: still available, sale price.

Add a fun twist to a neutral beige midi skirt with snakeskin boots, a cross-tre-body bag and green snakeskin boots

There will be lots of summer looks too but I haven't yet got the summer wardrobe down from the loft. 

Portrait of mid life woman blonde hair in green sequin top

Nothing was gifted for this post.

Now for the #WowOnWednesday link up. Last week's favourite (most clicked) was Anna from Muttonstyle with her post Lunch with Mary, Working from Home. Here's Anna, right, with the lovely Mary from The Pouting Pensioner.

My favourite post was by Shauna from Lipgloss and Lace: So Very Carrie Bradshaw. Now what would Carrie, from Sex and The City, be wearing as she toils away in front of the Teams screen? Shauna visualises the most perfect confection of a skirt, turquoise tulle, with high heels, fluffy purse and giant pale pink corsage. It really made me smile, and is so Carrie Bradshaw like.

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