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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Pretty Daytime Make-Up with Look Fabulous Forever

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A Before and After: 62 year old woman's face before and after using make-up by Look Fabulous Forever

Dear friends. Pull up a chair, it might be a long post. I can't wait to talk to you about some of my latest beauty discoveries. 

Today I'm going to create a pretty everyday make-up with Look Fabulous Forever, the brand created specifically for older women. And I'm going to reveal my best beauty secret. But let's start with skincare, because unless our skin is looking good, make-up can't do its job.

Vichy Neovadiol for Peri and Post Menopause Skin (gifted)

Let me introduce you to a range from Vichy which is designed for the problems of peri and post menopausal skin.

Vichy Neovardiol skincare for peri and post menopausal skin, as featured on Is This Mutton

I've loved Vichy, the French pharmacy brand, since I was a teenager.  Now my skin needs are a bit different. 

Neovadiol, backed by clinical research, tackles some of the problems caused by hormonal shifts. Falling oestrogen levels and associated collagen production decline causes the skin to become dry, tight and irritated.

Skin loses overall elasticity and plumpness, causing skin to sag with fine lines and wrinkles appearing more pronounced, particularly around the mouth and eyes. 

I was gifted with Neovadiol Perimenopause Plumping Day Cream for Dry Skin  Neovadiol Substitutive Complex Lip and Eye Contour Cream care, and Neovadiol Meno 5 Bi-Serum.

I apply the serum first. I shake the bottle and apply the serum using the innovative dropper.  It smells divine: the whole range has a light, fresh scent. The serum packs an immediate punch, making my skin look smoother.  It's powered by a synergy of active ingredients; proxylane, niacinamide (vitamin B3), Vitamin C and E, glycolic acid and skin-nourishing omegas 6-9.  

I then use the Eye & Lip Complex around my eyes, on the lids, and around the top of the lips. I really rate this cream for the boost it gives my lip contours.  On the eyes, it helps soften wrinkles, and is an excellent base for eye make-up.

Finally I moisturize my neck and face with the Lifting Day Cream.  I'll definitely be buying this myself.  It's light but effective, delivering a big hit of proxylane, cassia seed extract & hyaluronic acid. 

What I like about the three products is how there's none of that irritating pilling when I apply my SPF and foundation afterwards.

I have noticed my skin is looking more even and smoother.  And even Mr Mutton has noticed! 

Addressing a Menopausal Elephant in the Room

I've seen some criticism on social media that Vichy and other brands are capitalizing on the "menopause buzz" by launching ranges for peri and post menopausal women. The way I look at it:
  • When I first became peri menopausal in my early 40s, there was NO buzz about menopause! Consequently, most of us had no idea that's what was happening.  Nobody talked about it, it was still a shameful secret
  • Women in their 40s are probably not yet reaching yet for "pro aging" beauty products.  Flagging their products as suitable for peri menopause will make Vichy's range more visible to these women
  • Frankly, I would like to see many more skincare and make-up products specifically formulated for older women. The needs of our skin, compared to those in their 20s, are entirely different. 

That's a Brilliant Segue to Look Fabulous Forever

One of the first ranges of make-up for older women, and going from strength to strength with the latest launch of new eyeliner pencils and defining lip liners.

This British brand - which ships worldwide - was the brainchild of a women in her 60s, Tricia Cusden. She launched LFF in 2013, aged 65. 

I've written about them several times and admire greatly the resources they provide:  a huge nurturing Facebook community, regular Zoom sessions with Tricia and make-up artists, and tutorials on their website. Plus they helpfully categorise lipsticks and eye colours as cool or warm toned.  I love how they use their own customers and ambassadors on social media rather than younger models. 

I was invited to try the new lip and eyeliner products, along with new lipstick shades  (gifted).  Here I've created a light day make-up.  I hope you'll agree there's a huge difference between the Before and After at the top of the page.

In the Before, I have applied foundation, eye primer and concealer. But my features don't stand out and I lack vibrancy.

On my eyes I used the No Shimmer Eye Shade Trio of Soft Greens. I used the centre green on my lids and then dotted the darkest green along the eye socket, to bring forward my deep set eyes. I took a blending brush to soften and mix the two shades.  

The Soft Eyeliners are genius. I used the dark brown pencil, which doesn't require sharpening. I "tight line" my eyelashes by running the pencil between the upper lashes.  This hides any gaps and gives the eyes the emphasis they need as we get older. The pencil is soft but still gives a sharp line. I hate it when they're either so soft they blur, or so sharp they look harsh.

I finished with some mascara and a little Instant Bright Highlight from LFF, in the arch of the brows.

Here I show where I apply the Instant Bright Highlight. It doesn't have glittery particles, which can look ageing, but provides a subtle sheen. I use it on the fat pad of the chin, on the cupid's bow, down the centre of the nose and on the temples. Overall it helps give you a glowing appearance.

Finally I used the new Defining Lip Liner in Roseberry (there are 6 shades).  Remember when we used lipliners in a darker colour, during the 90s?  It's more fashionable now to apply a shade similar to the lipstick you're using, to give your lips more definition. It certainly works, if you compare my before and after lips!

I love the new lipstick shade Sunset Glow: it's perfect for my pale skin and the warm, light colours I like to wear now. 

My Best Beauty Secret!

I've been trying retinol products on and off for a few years, as beauty experts say they're a Must for older women.  I've learnt that you need to give them MONTHS to work.  You won't see results in just a few weeks.  And I've discovered a low cost and effective product, Advanced Clinicals' Retinol Advanced Firming Cream.  It doesn't specify how much retinol it has, which means it's a small amount. But if you have sensitive skin, this is good.  

The generous spa size cost just £19.50. It has significantly improved the skin on my hands and the "bingo wings" where I had that unfortunate crepey look, now gone! I also use it on my face and neck.

There are plenty of more expensive products but if you're trying to make cost efficiencies, this one is a winner. 

I hope you enjoyed the beauty special.  Would love to hear any of your recommendations or tips. Have you got fond memories of Vichy like me? Do share in the comments. 

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Disclosure: I was gifted with beauty products from Look Fabulous Forever and Vichy. I did not have to give copy approval.  I always provide an honest editorial opinion. Links used are non-affiliate - I don't make any money from them. 

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  1. I’ve been trialing some Vichy products too. Super aren’t they, especially the oil. Thanks for hosting the linkup Gail. Have a super day x Jacqui

    1. Yes so impressed! I love their sun care products too x

  2. These products look great. Definitely some wonderful gift ideas for Christmas. Thank you for sharing these. That green is beautiful on you.


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