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Saturday 10 December 2022

10 on the 10th: Gifting


Dear friends. In the midst of the Holiday season, I'm pleased to be joining Marsha for another 10 on the 10th -  this month about Gifting. The ladies have posed 10 questions about the giving and receiving of presents.  In the UK, we don't have Thanksgiving. The biggest festival for present giving is Christmas. 

1. About how many gifts do you purchase in the holiday season?  

I've counted them up and it's around 30.  My side of the family is small, and I always give money to my  brother's family as they like to go out shopping in the Boxing Day sales. John's side of the family is bigger, but we only give to his children and the grandchildren. 

2. Who is the hardest person for whom you buy presents?

My husband.  He rarely comes up with a list, and I tear my hair out when he buys himself things that could have been put on a Christmas list!  His children always ask for his list, and when there isn't one I have to wrack my brains to think of items he would appreciate. He is not easy to buy for: he has all the latest tech, doesn't like clothes and turns his nose up at things like hankies, socks, alcohol or chocolates.

3. How do you respond to a gift you really don’t like?

I always thank whoever has given me presents and try not to show I don't like something, because it's unkind when someone has gone to the trouble of buying and wrapping a gift. 

Part of the fun with Christmas crackers, which we always have on the two special Christmas days,  are the "gifts," and you can see our reaction below, in 2020.

4. What kinds of gifts do you consider to be the best to give or receive?

Gifts which are thoughtful.  I buy presents all year round if I see something appropriate. I love presents which show that people understand what I like, and what my interests are. 

5. What kinds of gifts do you consider the worst to give or receive?

"Desperation" or generic presents like socks, hankies, bottles of wine, chocolates. Back in the day, gift soaps and bath salts were on the list too. I'm also not very keen on candles  (bad for the environment). 

6. What gift would you never give ever?

I would hope never to give the desperation presents!  Below:  my Christmas table, 2021.

7. What is your process for selecting a gift?

Most of the people I buy for have a list, which is very useful. My mum doesn't write a list but I know what she likes.  I make a note on my phone about what I'm buying everyone, and give it a tick when it arrives. I do it all online.

I also buy a tree present for everyone who's coming on Boxing Day  (the day after Christmas Day, also a public holiday in the UK).  This is a small but thoughtful present. We open these after lunch. Below: me in 2006, with Molly. 

8. What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

It has to be the Lilliput child's typewriter I received when I was 11.  I loved writing stories and comics, and was thrilled to use my neighbours' grown-up Olivetti typewriter occasionally.  At the time there were two types of childrens' typewriters, the Petite and the Lilliput.  I didn't think I would get either because my parents weren't very well off.  I was so excited to receive the Lilliput.  Unfortunately, some of the keys soon dropped off and it wasn't up to the rigours of my typing.  My dad knew how important it was to me, so completely unexpectedly he took me to Smith's and bought a grown-up Smith Corona typewriter, just for me.

9. What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

I thought it was going  to be a rare soap, Memoire Cherie by Elizabeth Arden, that I found on eBay. This was a long time ago when the internet was relatively new. My mum had always loved this scent and it had long been discontinued.  Unfortunately she didn't think the soap smelt like the original. 

10. Would you ever or have you ever re-gifted something?

If I ever received a Secret Santa at work - which was often quite random, with people who didn't know you having to buy a gift - I would pop it into my re-gifting or the charity bag.  Below:  exchanging gifts in 2007.

I'd love to know more about your gifting.  What was the best present you've ever been given? And when do you open them? Do tell in the comments.

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