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Friday 19 April 2024

Don't Let Her In by Joanne Ryan

 Cover of the psychological thriller Don't Let Her In by Joanne Ryan, reviewed by Is This Mutton

Dear friends.  A leafy suburb where people tend their gardens and wash their cars.  A peaceful place. Not in the hands of Joanne Ryan. Poison pen letters are going unchallenged because they speak the truth.  Newcomer to the road, Lena, finds someone is conspiring against her. It all ends in an apocalyptic reckoning. 

Thrilled to be in the blog tour for Don't Let Her In. 

Publisher's Description

Lena just moved to Mandalay Close. She needed a new start, since her boyfriend cheated her out of the home and happy-ever-after she’d believed they were always going to share.

But on the day Lena moves in, letters begin to arrive for all her new neighbours. Letters that promise to expose everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets. Every house has received one - except for Lena’s.

Someone clearly wants to implicate her, to ruin her new life and turn everyone against her. She’s made an enemy, but who, and why? Everyone seems so nice, so trustworthy. So normal.

Except for one. And as bad things begin to happen and her life rapidly spins out of control, Lena finds herself cursing the day she moved to Mandalay Close. She can’t believe this is happening to her, because she’s not a bad person, is she? Even though she does have secrets of her own, secrets that she’s not willing to share with anyone. 

A completely jaw-dropping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of K.L. Slater, Lisa Jewell and Sue Watson.

My Thoughts

Mandalay Close is a perfectly respectable suburban street of the kind seen all over Britain. People take care of their gardens and cars, except for one or two rogue residents. But it's rife with crime and intrigue, as cleaning company owner Lena discovers when she rents an apartment in The Coach House.

Poison pen letters are being sent to nearly everyone (although no-one is keen to talk about it), and Lena discovers the family next door is extremely odd.

Lena can't seem to break free from her cheating ex. He has taken up with an 18 year old and refuses to pay Lena back for her massive investments in their house. Her friend Kate is not the type of friend anyone wants, always wanting to borrow money and vague about repayments. 

There's a good selection of red herrings with characters who either seem blameless, or appear very suspicious. By the end of the book you're reeling from murders, adulterous trysts, paranoia and false accusations. Hugely enjoyable.

About the Author 

Joanne Ryan is the author of several well-reviewed psychological thrillers. Previously published by Tamarillas Press, she lives in Wiltshire. Her first thriller  for Boldwood is Keep Your Friends Close.

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Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources,  the author and Boldwood Books for the advance copy in return for an honest review.



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