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Monday, 19 February 2018

SIA: Inspired by Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture

Image showing a woman in midi length metallic pleated skirt, black sequinned bomber jacket and silver Edie shoes by Vionic
The Style Imitating Art challenge is something I haven't done for ages, but I was inspired by the choice of Chicago's "Bean" sculpture. We saw this iconic sculpture in Millennium Park back in 2008 when John was taking part in the Chicago Marathon.  Like most visitors, we attempted a "selfie" in front of the sculpture's reflective surface.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Five ways not to be invisible as an older woman

Image showing four famous women over the age of 50: Robin Wright, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna and Elle McPherson
Four ladies over the age of 50 who I greatly admire - not just for their talent and intelligence, but their determination to look wonderful for their age.

Yet even the likes of Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker have had "off" moments when they've been pictured them on their way to the gym or shops without any make-up on and, shock horror, looking their age.

Unfortunately once we're over 50, it takes a lot of effort to look good. Unless your face or body provides your living, few of us have enough time and money to look fantastic all the time.
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