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Sunday 28 January 2018

Lilac Coat and Purple Blouse

Image showing  a woman with blonde hair over 45 wearing a long wool coat in lilac

I wrote recently about the "colour of the year," ultra violet, and it has inspired me to look for two of my favourite shades, lilac and purple. Ultra violet itself is close to cobalt blue, a colour which does little for me. But it's easy enough to find shades that suit you, for any colour. And ice-cream colours of all hues are big news for spring.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Getting Through January

Image showing a woman at her desk wearing a black and white striped jumper decorated with cherries
Well dear reader, I had a stellar new outfit to show you this week but the weather had other ideas. It was so GREY and while we had a brief snow flurry in London, it didn't settle and so I couldn't get any "winter wonderland" photos. So instead, I've put together a post about what I've been doing in this hideous month so far, and my work outfits.

Thursday 18 January 2018

What's in my make-up bag?

Image showing a woman's make-up brushes
I don't know about you but I've always loved looking in other women's make-up bags. I remember rummaging through my Gran's many years ago (Yardley lipstick which she also used as "rouge" and Max Factor Creme Puff powder). So I'm going to give you a peak into mine.

Sunday 14 January 2018

Quirky Shoes

Image showing three different Poetic Licence shoes and the box they come in

A post I did recently on Instagram showing my latest pair of Poetic Licence shoes received lots of likes, so here's a longer post about my love for quirky footwear.

Friday 12 January 2018

It's pricey - but this serum really works

Image showing a close up of Lancer Skincare products Pure Youth Serum and The Method: Nourish. Copyright Is This Mutton?
TV and radio presenter Mariella Frostrup (age 55) was recently quoted saying that people had asked asking if she had "some work done" because her skin was looking so good. She said no, it was all down to a wonder serum.

She didn't say what the serum was but it may well have been Lancer Skincare Pure Youth Serum. Normally I would never spend £230 on a serum: I have tried many different serums and never been very impressed with any of them. But sneaky Feel Unique put a sample tube of Pure Youth Serum into one of my gift bags recently, and I started using it without looking it up.

The next day I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin really did look smoother and more plumped up. Usually in the morning I have eye bags, a bleary, sallow look and all manner of age related woes.

I used the tube until it ran out and I was so thrilled by the results, reader, I splashed out on the full size  (30ml) version.

I use the serum every other night.  It has dramatically improved the appearance of my pigmentation marks, and reduces redness around the nose. The surface wrinkles are also reduced. Even better, it doesn't cause dryness or irritation in the way that many serums enhanced with retinol or AHAs often do.

I'm so impressed that I've just started using Lancer Skincare's The Method: Nourish  (less spendy at £105). It's too soon to give a verdict.

So what's the skinny on Dr Lancer and his miraculous products?

Who's Dr Lancer?

Harold Lancer is a Beverly Hills dermatologist, the son of Austrian immigrants who grew up in a farmhouse located in a rural town in Connecticut. At the age of seven, he suffered severe burns over 10% of his body after falling into a vat of near boiling water. While the recovery process was painful and tedious, this experience greatly influenced his clear belief in restoration instead of alteration as the most effective way to obtain beautiful skin.

His "Method" is renowned for giving what's described as "the Lancer Glow."

The Pure Youth Serum uses retinol-like compounds - a proprietary mix called Mimixyl™- to signal the skin to produce new skin cells and collagen. Most dermatologists recommend the use of a retinol based product to help diminish the signs of ageing. By apparently harnessing the skin's own ability to create new, younger looking skin, the serum can dramatically reduce the appearance of sun damage, and lessen fine lines and other age signs.

And it really does.

If you're tempted, Lancer Skincare products are currently reduced in price at several outlets including Feel Unique and Harrods.com.  It's currently £117 at Look Fantastic and £138 at Feel Unique.  Click here for ingredients.

Next week (Thursday) I'll be giving you a root round in my make-up bag. This is something I loved doing as a child.

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Sunday 7 January 2018

Cardigans are all the rage: well I never!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista wearing a belted long line cardigan in  grey worn over black trousers and metallic brogues. A cream fleecy scarf adds interest.

The cardigan, the Times told us last week, is no longer for grannies. The likes of Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez have rediscovered this classic and the cardigan is cool again.

Well, for some of us it never went away. I have always been very partial to a cropped cardigan: here in a green one, and here in a pink one.

But looking at some of the different types of cardigan online, I was excited to try some different styles. There are "statement cardigans" such as Gucci's statement, over sized cardigans knitted with colourful yarns; bobble cardigans, where the sleeves continue the trend for elaborate decoration, and long, coat like cardigans, some like kimonos. One of my favourite retailers, The-bias.cut.com, has some great new designs by Hayley Menzie, including a long cardigan in 100% soft cotton with a print inspired by a vintage 1950s fairground.

Image showing a fashion conscious middle aged woman wearing a long line knitted grey cardigan worn over black trousers and metallic brogues, with a pink top and cream fleecy neck wear.

I haven't worn a long, duster-coat like cardigan for probably over a decade. I like the dramatic effect they can have, sweeping around you, and also the extra warmth on these cold winter days.

The cardigan I'm wearing is by JDY and just £26 from Asos. Grey always looks great with pink so I paired it with a fuchsia pink top from Warehouse (last season), plain black trousers and pewter metallic shoes (Next). What lifts the outfit, and gives it even more cosiness, is my cream fleecy Rew neck wear. I added a belt because long, drapey cardigans and any oversized knitwear can make you look a lot bigger. If you're very slim, you can do a Victoria Beckham and look waif like in large clothes. I need a belt!

Image showing a middle aged fashionista in long line grey knit cardigan black trousers pink top and elaborate cream neck wear.

Next week I'll show a different cardigan look which revolves around these new Poetic Licence beauties, a Christmas present. Hope you can join me next Sunday!

Image showing black and red womens shoes decorated with patterns and sparkles and clear perspex heels. By Poetic Licence.

Were you aware that cardigans are "in" again and if so, have you been rocking a new look? Let me know in the comments below.


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Friday 5 January 2018

Garnet, birthstone for January

You may have thought that we were finished with birthstones after Is This Mutton?'s exhaustive series. We have featured the traditional birthstones but there are several alternatives, including modern birthstones. In January we're focusing on the garnet, both the traditional, and modern, choice for January. Garnet is the stone that symbolizes the second year of marriage.
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