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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Sentence a Day: November including a spa visit, US trip and my birthday

Colourful procession for Lord Mayor's Day in London, 2018
Thurs Nov 1
Atrocious weather. Raining. Busy, long day at work.

Fri Nov 2 
Blue sky. Looking forward to the weekend. Out with J for drinks tonight.

Saturday Nov 3
Did shopping in Epping and a blog shoot. Sunny. Relaxed in the afternoon.

Sunday Nov 4
Pleasant weather. Went to Power Plate, hoovered, planted a few bulbs. Just the two of us for Sunday lunch which was roast chicken. Garden looking good (pity I didn't take a picture after I'd swept up the leaves).
Monday Nov 5
Off to Sussex for a one-night spa stay with Anna from Mutton Style. Set off early to get flip flops in Accessorize. Unfortunately they don't sell them in winter. Got to spa around 12. Had lunch. Anna persuaded me to do an Instagram live with her. We both had facials then did a YouTube live. After dinner, was in bed by 10.30.
The luxurious bath we never got to use
Tuesday Nov 6
Had some spa time before leaving. Arrived home at 1.15.  More on our spa visit here.
Watched a new series about the Tower of London. Mentioned Henry V1. Not familiar with him (although I know a lot about Henries VII and VIII) so immediately looked him up. Sounded interesting - but not many books about him.

Wednesday Nov 7
My birthday. Took some treats into work - chocolate, biscuits, jerky, nuts and vegan crisps, to cater for all eventualities. Colleagues were pleased. Had curry for dinner.

Thurs Nov 8
In office. Discovered a great podcast from LA Times, Dirty John. Meanwhile my John (the hubster) rode to the London Stadium to see a moving installation commemorating the centenary of Word War, with each shrouded figure representing an Allied serviceman who died. 

Fri Nov 9
At home. Did 2 sessions of power Plate, or as I call it, a "beasting."  Went for my birthday treat with John, dinner and play At the Height of the Storm.

Sat Nov 10
Went into town on spur of moment to see the Lord Mayor's parade. It's a colourful spectacle that is  800 years old. The City of London is closed as businesses, livery companies, charities, Her Majesty’s Forces, the City Police and Londoners from all walks of life come together to enjoy a celebration of the City’s ancient power and prosperity. I had a good vantage point near St Paul's. It was a wonderful blue sky day.

Sun Nov 11 - Remembrance Sunday

Poppy wreaths laid at the Chingford War Memorial in North London, 2018
War memorial 
Day started sunny after a lot of rain overnight.Did Power Plate. Watched the local Remembrance Day parade. Had lunch at Miller & Carter with John's kids and their spouses. More presents including some beautiful white roses and stocks. Below: the hubster tucks in.
Mon Nov 12 In office. Had lunch with Sara, a colleague I met months ago at our company's induction event. We've been trying to get together for months. 

Tues Nov 13 
At home. Did Power Plate.

Weds Nov 14
In office. Left early. Our marketing head was over, so pizzas were brought in for lunch. One of the things I never eat (along with doughnuts, pork pies and big sickly drinks from coffee shops). Everyone thinks I'm very fussy......(no comment!).

Thurs Nov 15
Office. Got up even earlier than usual to clean kitchen, prep salads, before leaving.  Today was a disaster on the Brexit front. The whole thing makes me feel sick and depressed. Tried to get Elton John tickets.

Fri Nov 16
Good day. Managed to get Elton tickets for Liverpool in 2020. Also managed to renew car lease. And able to download full series of Tracks series 3  (drama podcast from BBC Radio 4).

Sat Nov 17
Sunny and mild, 12. Did food shopping. Planted remaining bulbs, weeded, swept leaves. Changed the beds. Finally sat down at 4.30.

Sun Nov 18
Did Power Plate. Hubster spent some time trying to get me savvy on his Canon DSLR camera. Had roast chicken.

Mon Nov 19
Bad cold and achy. Worked from home. Quite busy. Didn't sleep well. Had a nightmare where I was tormented by a spreadsheet would you believe (I'm hopeless at Excel but try to hide it).

Tues Nov 20
Slept well. Slightly fraught day. Had to write slides for a strategic meeting in the US next week. Then an interview with a journalist went badly because he had not done any research.

Weds Nov 21 
Office. Was just about to nip off to Tesco to get some shopping when I realised I'd forgotten my purse. Had a good day. Started new podcast about Jacob Wetterling who was abducted in Minnesota in 1989. Here's what I usually have for breakfast when I'm at work (and a banana).

Thurs Nov 22
At home.  Had hair done. Ordered a few Xmas presents and quite a lot of Black Friday discounts were being applied.

Fri Nov 23 
At home. Power Plate. Haven't been since Sun which means I'm always a bit challenged.

Sat Nov 24
Went to Epping to do my shopping. Visited the community garden to see the winter bedding. Watched a David Cassidy documentary on BBC Four. It was haunting, showing him not long before he died.
Yellow pansies provide cheer in the beds of the Epping,  Essex, community garden

Sun Nov 25 
Power Plate. John's daughter and husband came for lunch. Had gammon. Didn't do a fashion shoot, too tired, so no new post. A pair of long brown boots I'd ordered arrived. I was upset by a comment by European council president Donald Tusk: "We'll be friends until the end of time and then the next day". Heartbreaking.

Mon Nov 26
In office.

Tues Nov 27
Terrible weather. Rainy and dark by 3. Getting ready for short biz trip to the US tomorrow.

Weds Nov 28
Left for Heathrow airport at seven. Earlier than necessary, but I'm always happy when I'm at the airport and checked in. Watched three  films: On Chesil Beach (seven out of 10); The Shape of Water (eight) and Unsane (seven). Was pleased when BA served up their curry. Always a highlight.

Got to San Jose at 4.30. It was pouring with with rain! Did some work, went to sleep at 8pm. Woke up at 2, but managed to go back to sleep.

Thurs Nov 29 
All day meeting started at eight, followed by dinner at a winery. Lots of fun with singing on coach.
Testarossa Winery, California

Fri Nov 30
Meeting finished at 2pm and a minibus took us to the airport at 3.30.  I never sleep much on planes and was fearful I wouldn't find any films to watch because there weren't many I fancied on the outward journey. In the end I found two, neither great: The Meg (five out of 10), and Book Club (six). The same curry was served up again (hopefully not the exact same batch....).

Next month - come back on Jan 8 for my account of December, including of course Christmas, a few days in Devon and another business trip to the US.

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  1. It's an interesting diary. A great peek into your life.

  2. Busy bee! Your spa escape sounds heavenly. Looks like you were well celebrated for your happy bday. Elton John tickets for 2020? Great fun!

  3. The spa sounded fabulous...probably because I am coveting that kind of time. And how nice you got to meet up with Anna too!!
    We watched the Shape of Water awhile ago...it was definitely an interesting movie!!


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