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Saturday 13 April 2024

Six on Saturday

 Is This Mutton shares 6 pictures of plants currently blooming in her London garden in April

Dear friends.  A much needed improvement in the weather this week has seen big progress in the garden. I'm sharing 6 photos for #SixOnSaturday. Several take part in this, and a good blog with which to start is Garden Ruminations.

1. Clematis Montana

I know this is a bit of a "Marmite" clematis for many. I have 3 intertwined on the back fence, two pink and one white.  

I call it "the monster," although its flowering is always a spectacular highlight. This year the flowers are more even. Last year we pruned it late in the summer, which I knew would affect the flowers, but it was out of control.  I know one of them is the variety Rubens, which I think is this one, with darker green leaves and a pretty fragrance.  It was planted in 2012. 

2.  Tulip Purple Flag

My tulips have all gone over now except for this one. I tried it to compare with Negrita. It's shorter and has untidier leaves. I'd prefer Negrita in future, it really is the perfect purple,  and is a true perennial if planted in the garden.  (Here's Negrita in my garden if you want to compare). 

3. Narcissus Tahiti

I saw this loud and blowsy narcissus in a neighbouring garden in quantity, and thought I'd try it.  I planted bulbs at the back of my border which is overhung by "the monster" and is a barren patch in which nothing thrives.  The yellow is a bit sulphuric, so not my favourite daffodil, but it's greatly brightened up this part of the garden. 

4. Auricula 

I was surprised to find some varieties of auricula at the garden centre a couple of years ago and picked up 3 pots.  They flower reliably and don't seem high maintenance, which had been my perception of auriculas.  I'm afraid I can't tell you which varieties I have, but probably very common or garden! 

5 Tiarella Spring Symphony

A superb background plant.  Tiarellas are basically heucheras that flower.  Mine is in full flower now, and looked pretty behind tulipa Apricot Beauty.

6 Heuchera Lime Marmalade 

I've got several heuchera in a dry border in which nothing else does well, as it's got a hawthorn tree and forsythia hedge overhanging the soil.  The heuchs do very well.  I usually place a pot of purple petunias in front of this lovely lime green heuchera, it's a lovely combination.

Hope you enjoyed my six!

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  1. I love the spring garden Gail, we have a Montana which is out of control, pink but very pretty. I’m into Heuchara, love the different coloured leaves. Tulips still out and lots of things popping up including my Alliums.

  2. I love to see different plants and flowers, but my garden is quite bare. Thanks for the inspiration Gail x


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