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Saturday 23 March 2024

The March Garden

 A Year in the Garden, #sixonsaturday

Is This Mutton's back garden in March. There are buds everywhere and the bulbs are opening

Dear friends. Welcome to March in my "year of a garden."  By March the garden is officially waking up and buds are bursting forth.

The picture at the top was taken this week, shortly before we set off for a bike ride.  The daffodils and tulips are starting to come out.  I like to stagger both of them by planting varieties that flower at different times.  

I get very excited when I see the growth starting on favourite perennials like this phlox,  I will trim last year's dead wood down. 

I always order my spring bulbs from Peter Nyssen in August. It gives me something to look forward to. I used to have purple and yellow bulbs to go with the early flowering forsythia hedge.  It's the only time I have yellow in the garden. Bu the hedge is very old, it was there when we moved in (2005) and it's quite woody and doesn't flower much now. 

Outside the front door, where it's south facing, I have two pots of Negrita, a perfect purple tulip that's a true perennial.  I will replant them in the border for next year. 

The front rose bed is also host to a lot of hyacinths planted over the years.  They were particularly good this year. 

In the back garden, Apricot Delight is the first tulip to flower. 

I have some different varieties of daffodils in pots.  Monty Don introduced me to Narcissus Thalia, a very classy white.  

This is Narcissus Accent. 

And narcissus Early Flame. 

Finally the auriculas have good leaf growth. I bought a plant theatre a few years ago with the idea of growing several types of auricula.  However, I read they were very temperamental, and I was afraid it would become an obsession. 

Every year I sow nigella seeds (love in a mist) once they've flowered, and it's thrilling to see them now as healthy little plants.  I have lots of violets which have seeded themselves, somewhat too generously. I am forever pulling them up. 

I found these three at the local garden centre (bottom shelf) and they seem to flower reliably in their pots every year.  The plants above them are from last summer's pots. I can't remember what they are, and didn't know if they would survive the winter. 

As soon as it warms up a bit with a few continuous sunny days, I have a few jobs to do:  cleaning the shed and washing its window;  sweeping up;  the usual weeding;  dead heading. Not to mention cleaning and varnishing the garden furniture, which is hidden under the black cover. 

I'll be sharing this post with these fantastic sites, and also on X (formerly Twitter) today, #saturdaysix. Come over and join us. 


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  1. You have such a beautiful garden. I love the narcissus Early Flame.

  2. What a Beau garden, thanks so much for sharing everything. I need to get my pots and planters sorted this year. I neglected them a bit in 2023! Jacqui x


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