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Thursday 21 March 2013

Getting Ready for Summer

So here it is - my inaugural post!
My first post has to be about the summer clothes that I start buying in January, as soon as new season fashions start appearing and as soon as I've booked the June holiday.
This year it's been slightly different because I've lost 2 stone  (28 pounds) and it's more fun to experiment and try things on. I was hoping that a lot of the clothes I haven't worn for a couple of years would now look great, but my shape seems to have changed too and the size 12's  (US size 8) that suited me two years ago now seem a bit shapeless. I need to cinch in the waist.

I saw this jacket by Phase Eight in a magazine and instantly wanted it. It wasn't on their website at the time so I had to keep going back to check.

Sometimes I spot something in Grazia and it's either not yet on the website (with no opportunity to pre-order) or they've already sold out. I wish retailers would make it easier for us. I like it when they say "As seen in...." and have the items in stock. If they are out of stock, please email me when they're in. Not that difficult!

I love a loose, floaty white top for summer. I found this one at the new online store Madeline.  The jeans are also new, from Boden and the block heels by Clarks. Clarks are really worth checking out - they have a lot of on trend shoes at half the cost of some stores.

Their model was wearing it with a gold link belt and it caught my eye. The "ball" is very heavy and the belt looks luxe.

I always find a few easy pieces at Kettlewell Colours. It's a terrific site if you've had your colours done and know what suits you, but find it hard to find those colours.  I'm a bright clear Spring and my best colours are orange/peach and green including lime, kelly and pistachio. I love that they now sell dresses and skirts.  This skirt is bias cut and very flattering.

This is another Kettlewell combo. The skirt is jersey the top, in Salmon, is a great colour that I don't often find.



  1. Looking great girl! I have to say I love the M&S jeggings and you in them. Best in show I reckon.

  2. Not sure if my last comment registered - so trying again!

    I agree! The jeggings look great - I wondwer about a different top though - maybe black or navy? But you look AMAZING Gail - well done you. I think you should keep the jeggings and be proud to wear them. Lucy x

  3. Love these outfits!! Very springy!


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