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Friday 2 March 2018

Sentence a Day, March 2018

Very pleased to be taking part for the first time in Sentence a Day, a monthly series where a number of bloggers share a review of our month written in one sentence a day. I made a few rookie errors, among them not taking enough photos! I promise to make it a bit more visual next month. Oh, and you'll have to humour me with the British obsession about the weather.
So glad to see the back of January - dreary long month! Now thoughts turn to spring bulbs and lighter days. 01.02.18

A sunny cold day. Slightly obsessed with purple so wore a new purple jumper with jeans (below). Had to come home from work early because there were network problems (what hardship!) and spent the evening at an Indian restaurant, The Grand Trunk Road. 02.02.18
Image showing Is This Mutton? blogger Gail Hanlon in a casual outfit for dress down Friday: jeans, metallic brogues, purple cashmere jumper.
Went for a 6 mile walk with John in Lea Valley park. Suffered with tight calves, had to stop twice to stretch. Satisfying Fitbit 10,000 steps completion during walk. 03.02.18

Sunny, cold. Did advanced class at PP. Circuits. Enjoyed the energy in the room – not too exhausted (until about 3pm). Did roast chicken for four. 04.02.18

In office. As it's a Monday, had a fully loaded ipod with all my favourite podcasts. I listen to these on my drive to work (one hour and 10 mins each way).  I like Fortunately with Fi Glover and Jane Garvey; Gardeners' Question Time and dramas and documentaries from the BBC and RTE. Not to mention my daily dose of inspiration with Ted Talks. 05.02.18

Working from home. Early session at the gym. Lots of late meetings with the US which scuppered my original plan for dinner (hake with jacket potatoes) so had to substitute a couple of ready meals with a salad. 6.02.18

Very tiring day. Early start - typically get up at 5.45 and leave the house an hour later. Didn't get home until 7.30pm. 07.02.18

Working from home, as was J, and we went for a walk at 7.30. It was a frosty morning and the sun was coming up. Epping Forest looked spectacular. Photo shows Queen Elizabeth 1's hunting lodge.  08.02.18
Image showing sunrise over the Queen Elizabeth 1 hunting lodge in Chingford on a crisp frosty day
Back to being cold and grey. In office. Had video filming. Wore pink Bowie jumper, jeans. New circle bag. 09.02.18

My badge arrived for the "Walk 1000 Miles in 2018" challenge, run by Country Walking magazine, which makes me an official "Badger." I'm walking every day for at least an hour and on Saturdays I try to do a longer walk.  Had signed up for a 9 miler with a walking group but public transport issues had me returning home, although I did get off the train early and walked home through the streets for five miles. 10.02.18
Image showing the 2018 Walk 1000 Miles challenge badge from Country Walking magazine
Made porridge (don’t usually have breakfast at home on a work day). Wore polka dot blouse, cardi and blue trousers. Sunny start: in office 8.03, first to arrive. 12.02.18

Valentine's Day, which is not marked in the Mutton household. We celebrate our wedding anniversary. Worked from home. A quiet productive day. Added some new pictures to my Pinterest board of UK vintage ads, toys and beauty products.  I remembered I have some old copies of She and Easy Living and scanned some ads. 14.02.18

Exciting - sunny and light when I left the house at 6.50! The days are definitely getting longer. Had a pub lunch at work today for a colleague going on maternity leave. I walked to the pub (two miles). Should have walked back, but some US colleagues charmingly asked me to travel with them. 15.02.18

A Friday and hardly anyone in the office. A lovely sunny day. Gave a presentation via conference call on a forthcoming trade show I've been helping to organise. A colleague told me I am a gifted presenter, which made my day! 16.02.18

Another beautiful day. Walked to the gym, which is 2.1 miles each way. The class involved a lot of "legs," squats and lunges, so was tired by the time I got home. Son-in-law and his wife came round for Sunday lunch: we had roast beef with all the trimmings  (Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, asparagus even though it came from Peru!). 18.02.18

Monday and back to earth with a bump - half term is over so the roads are congested again and it took me much longer than usual to get to work because of an accident. So busy at work I didn't get chance for a walk today. Everyone is a bit stressed because of the event coming up. 19.02.18

And breathe. Working from home today. J is not well (man flu) but it hasn't affected his appetite and I had to get him fish and chips.No walk but did go to HIIT. 20.02.18

Cold and drizzly. In the office from 8am to 7pm, getting home at 8. Did the "Tesco circular" walk today. This is a two mile walk that takes in two supermarkets. Handy if I'm running out of anything. 21.02.18

Had my hair cut and coloured. I briefly had a darker colour but preferred it blonder, so for the last two sessions Jodie has been taking me back to blonde  (she's very particular about not ruining my hair with too much dye). Love the result. In the evening we went to a local Turkish restaurant, Soiree, to celebrate the daughter-in-law's birthday. 22.02.18
Image showing over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon in casual glamour: two pearl necklaces worn with a black Adidas t-shirt, long grey cardigan and black jeans with silver trainers,.
Last day in the office before the big event in Nuremberg, Germany, next week. This is what I wore today (above) and gives you a brief impression of hair. Tied up a lot of loose ends which felt satisfying. Popped in at Marks and Spencer, Epping, on the way home to get "my bits," as Peter Kay would say. Also got some raffle tickets.  We need those for the event next week. 23.02.18

The forecast is for plummeting temperatures coming in from Siberia. It was cold today but also sunny. Went for a walk which took in part of Epping Forest and a couple of big hills. Was limping by the time I got home - one of my knees gets a bit clicky and sore. J keeps telling me to go to a sports physio. 24.02.18

Another glorious sunny day. Drove to the gym and afterwards to Sainsburys to do a big shop. As I'm away for five days this week, J will be on his own for the first time  (he retired from work last week). He isn't too handy in the kitchen so I've bought meals which are easy for him to do.  Had roast lamb today and daughter-in-law and her fiance came round. 25.02.18

Off to Nuremberg

Very early start - got up at 3.15 - to fly to Germany. I am obsessively early for airports but prefer having time to spare. Stansted was a breeze, had time for porridge and a "rest up." Got to Nuremberg; very cold (minus 9) but sunny. After checking in at the hotel, went to the Messe.  My company is exhibiting in a big trade event this week for three days.  Booth build was in full swing. 26.02.18

Day one of the show! Very busy, frenzied. The Messe is huge so on day 1 you walk vast distances trying to find places and booths. As the campaign manager for the event I'm supervising social media and helping to make conference presentations run smoothly. Here I am experiencing virtual reality. After a long day, had a quiet evening in the hotel. 27.02.18
Image showing a woman wearing virtual reality glasses
Purple cashmere jumper Marks and Spencer; bag Accessorize; jacket Phase Eight 
Day two of the show. Had a more relaxed start and breakfast with two new colleagues. Day went well: it's easy to do 10,000 steps at a show like this! Everyone is watching the weather forecasts anxiously. It's snowing heavily in the UK and we're worried we may have problems coming back on Friday. 28.02.18

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  1. Hi Gail, so excited to have another country represented in our SaD posts - USA, Canada, Australian and now the UK . . . welcome!

    Love the photos you did manage to take, particular the one of the lovely English home. Also noted your hair dresser took you darker for a period of time, as did mine . . . must be an age thing! Anyhow, as long as she leaves me blonder in front, I'm good with it. I'll always be a blonde at heart!

    1. I definitely feel blonde at heart now, although funnily enough I didn't when I tried it in my early 30s!

  2. What a great roundup - and I'm always surprised to find a new blog from someone who must live near me! When you mentioned Epping I thought 'well she must be near me' - my kids used to go to the orthodontist in Epping as at that time it was the nearest one to us! Your exercise regime puts me to shame, I must stop blaming the snow for not going out on long dog walks.

  3. I live about 5 miles from Epping but go there to do my shopping! I thought the same when I saw you mention some "local" landmarks. Great to meet you.

  4. Welcome, welcome! I so enjoyed reading every single sentence of your February. Your fashion sense is so impeccable and so perfect for every occasion of your life. I am breaking out my wingtips this week in your honor. Have to dust them off but love them and glad to be reminded of them.

    I cannot imagine walking anywhere except around the block, but certainly not to the store or to lunch. Would love to see you do a Daily Dime post with pics of one of your walks. Maybe then I could figure out a way to walk more here.

    Love the vocabulary you have. Looked up scuppered, although, from context I could deduct its meaning. But what a lovely sounding word. I heard harbinger from a librarian blogger the other day. Hard for me to find ways to use it. But I think scuppered might work in my vocabulary.

    Welcome to the group! So glad to have you aboard. XO

    1. I'm so pleased you introduced me to this fab collective! Thanks for your lovely comments. I'll probably do a separate blog when we undertake the Coast to Coast walk in May - 200 miles (yikes).
      Regarding my vocab, I used to make the kids groan at school because they said I was always using long words when a shorter one would do! Sometimes I like to see if I can use an unlikely word in a blog post.I used to do that when I was a trainee reporter years ago....rummage was one such word!

  5. Love you in that deep purple Gail. Both of these outfits are cozy yet totally chic. You have great everyday style. Congrats on the linkup too!!

    Welcome by my blog too and join this week’s very special celebration linkup of Thursday Moda (below). Also, I am starting a monthly Sunday linkup and the first one goes live this week on March 4th! Welcome!!


    1. Thanks for your kind comments and I've been over to your blog and enjoyed seeing your fantastic mix of colors. I'll be sure to check out the new link up.

  6. What a fun idea! I'm not sure I could limit myself to just one sentence a day and I know I'd forget to take photos. I bet it was a lot of work coordinating everything for that show; I hope you had fun.

    1. It really was fun, makes the hard work worth it. Thanks for the visit!

  7. Great round up Gail. I have not took too many photos this year as I would have liked too. I have been hiding under lots of layer to keep warm. I am looking forward to warmer weather. Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  8. I admire your commitment to walking. I'm trying to do better with that in 2018.

  9. Welcome to Sentence a Day...warning, it is addictive!

  10. So glad you joined us in this Gail!!!
    It's always so nice to look at our month this way!!
    You are so good at walking so much---maybe you'll inspire me?

  11. Thanks for linking up with us for our very first Sunday Showcase!

  12. Wow that was a busy time for you Gail, hope it was enjoyable. Love your hair too. x Jacqui

    1. Thanks mdear! And you're looking fab these days!

  13. Gail I must do this. In fact I wish I had done it years ago. I really enjoyed yours..God you fit a lot into a day. Mine would be much lazier..eg had coffee with friends...and you get up so early. What time to bed?

    1. Hilda, I'm embarrassed to say I'm usually asleep by 9.15 during the week. I need my full 8 hours. Quite often I'm in bed by 8.30 reading.


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