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Wednesday 5 June 2019

A Personal Stylist Experience By Post - and Link Up

Woman in green and black batik print cropped jumpsuit and seashell necklace
Bloggers in the US often write about receiving parcels of new clothes selected for them and sent to them by "personal stylists."  Until recently, we didn't have anything very similar in the UK. Personal stylists exist, but until now it's been in the form of advisers giving you guidance in person on how to shop or de-clutter your wardrobe.

I came across Stitch Fix via another UK blogger, Anna at Mutton Style, and decided to put them to the test.  This is not a sponsored post.

Stitch Fix has been in the US since 2011 but the UK arm is relatively new. You answer a quiz on your style preferences, how much you want to pay per item, which colours you don't like,  and if there are any items you don't want to see in the delivery - for me it was shoes.

Plus you can give special advice to your "stylist."  I told mine I am going on holiday soon so was interested in seeing something suitable for relaxed Greek evenings.  You then get a delivery date, and your Fix of five items selected for you is sent to you by DHL.

I was surprised at how small the box was. But I found five items inside, beautifully wrapped, with a fold out leaflet showing each item with suggestions of how to style it.
Stitch Fix delivery box with tissue wrapped garments
My selection was a little conservative, which I would expect for the first delivery.  They were dealing with an unknown woman in her 50s who doesn't like showing arms or decolletage. Initially I thought it was great: nice choices, good quality, but then I realised there were a couple of "no nos." I was determined to be open-minded because one of the reasons this service appeals to me is that it might challenge me to try different things.
This red v-neck t-shirt from Oasis (it photographed pink but is definitely red) alarmed me at first because I thought the neck line might be quite low. When I put it on, it was actually fine, so this one is a keeper. I can see myself wearing it with white jeans, my black culottes for work;  white shorts and my gingham skirt.
I wasn't taken by the "retro wide leg trouser" from Vero Modo because I already have a pair of cream trousers and hardly ever wear them. I suspected these would be too big and they were. The voluminous legs made my legs look short. They were also very creased which always raises alarm bells, because if something gets creased when it's been packed very well, what will it be like after a few hours of sitting and standing?  So they're going back.
I was a bit undecided about this Carmen crew cardigan from Oasis. True, I have been looking for a cream or white cardigan for a while, but I usually only wear cropped cardis.  Cardigans can look very staid on older women. However, I decided to keep it because I think if it's styled with skirts or trousers in contemporary lengths, and I add belts and jewellery, it will look good and not too mumsy.
I didn't try on this polka dot dress with its cowel neck, from Oasis. Firstly, it's not the casual type of dress for lazy Greek evenings, nor is it suitable for work. It's a dressy dress, the type you would wear to special occasions, and I don't have any this year. Also, and here's the big No No, it has very thin straps, so you would need to wear a strapless bra . As the middle aged owner of a 36DD bust, there's no way I wouldn't wear a bra. But strapless bras are so ugly and dispiriting that I'd just rather not.
Finally to the surprise hit of the box: this cropped jumpsuit from Sugarhill Brighton. I tried on a new jumpsuits last year but couldn't find one that suited me. This one was an instant winner. Green, of course, which I love;  wide of strap and flattering around the waist with its belt. It's sleeveless, but my sleeveless rule only applies to office wear. It'll look better once I have a tan.You can even get away without wearing a bra, as the fabric holds The Girls in place so there's no undignified wobble.

So, three pieces kept out of five. There is a discount if you keep all five items. I won't be ordering another "fix" soon because I don't need anything else for summer, but I might do it before autumn. I imagine it must be fairly new in the UK because I hadn't seen any adverts or been targeted by social media, and the fact that three items came from Oasis suggests they may not be working with many retailers yet.

What did you think of my selections and choices, and would you consider using a service like this?Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. Hi I also kept 3 of my items avd returned 2. In the US they get accessories and shoes so I guess ours will grow. I think its exciting its here now.


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