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Sunday 13 October 2019

Quick Update and A Few Outfits

Framed by a dramatic red Virginia creeper, woman in striped trousers leopard print boots and white boucle jacket

I've been meaning to snap more of my everyday outfits but the weather lately has been conspiring against me. You have to seize the opportunity when it's not raining. Above, here is the first outing of autumn/winter 2019 for my leopard print ankle boots from last year.  I think they work quite well with the stripes of my old Tesco trousers, don't you?  I didn't expect it to work, but the trousers have an orange stripe that complements the leopard.

It's still warm enough to get away with a jacket or blazer.  The bag is a new leather tote from Marks and Spencer. I was hoping it would be big enough for my laptop  (I even measured it) but it isn't really. But a black bag is always useful.

Casual chic with black t-shirt with cosmic print, black jeans and silver metallic boots

At the weekend I normally dress shamefully in fleeces and old jeans, but I've been buying the occasional t-shirt to try to look a bit more like a fashion blogger in my spare time. This t-shirt with a cosmic motif caught my eye at The-Bias-Cut.Com  The jeans are old, from Warehouse, and the silver boots are last winter's from Asos. 

Green midi skirt with green neoprene snakeskin ankle boots and blouse with artichokes print

I've bought a couple of pairs of boots to augment my collection. These green "snakeskin" numbers were ideal for all my green outfits. The skirt is from Boden and the artichokes blouse was a purchase last year from the Bias.Cut. 

Zara paisley print blouse with black trousers

Last week I was in the US for work and this was my outfit on the first day. I was expecting to have to change the blouse for a branded t-shirt, as I was helping out at our big tech industry event, but I was able to keep it on all day.  The blouse is from Zara and the trousers are old - they're straight legs from Marks and Spencer who do these so well.  I wore my black Adidas Stan Smith's all week - so comfortable.

I'm back on Wednesday with the #WowOnWednesday link up. Hope you can join me.

Disclosure: this post includes no gifted items but does include affiliate links. If you click through I make a few pence. 


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