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Tuesday 2 February 2021

Sentence a Day: January 2021: Welcome Lockdown #3

 Connaught Water in Epping Forest at sun rise, winter, 2021. Is This Mutton

Friday 1 Jan

New Year's Day. Cold no frost. My stats for 2020 showed I did a total of 1,070.90 miles walking.  Put the Christmas decorations away. Had roast beef, which we don't have very often. 

Saturday 2 Jan

Not quite so cold. Did trails walk, 4.5 miles. Then some cleaning. Early night. 

Sunday 3 Jan

Did home workout.  Went to Epping for a few bits. Lovely sunny day. Roast chicken. 

Monday 4 Jan

Last day of holiday.  Did walk with J just over 5 miles. Cold wind. New seersucker duvet set arrived.  Govt announced another national lockdown. 

Tuesday 5 Jan

Lockdown #3 officially started today, although as London had been in tier 4 since before Christmas, we didn't notice much difference.  Back at work. Fairly quiet. Easing in gently. Had flu jab at local surgery.

Wednesday 6 Jan 

Walk of forest trails, usual mud fest on Plains.

Thurs 7 Jan 

Good day at work, met a couple more members of the AI team I'm now working with.  J not very well, seems to have respiratory infection.

Fri 8 Jan 

J had choking fit over breakfast. Worried about deterioration in his respiratory situation.  I did an urban walk. J went for a Covid test.

Sat Jan 9

J in bad way when he woke up. Improved over day. Blue sky so we did short walk around the nearby golf course.  Saw (and heard) parakeets.  There are lots of them in some of the London parks and woodlands. Legend has it they escaped during the filming of The African Queen. J's Covid test was negative. 

Sun Jan 10

Did walk Holly/willow tails, avoided water jump. Roast chicken.  J still poorly, not sleeping well.

Mon Jan 11

V cold. Forced myself to do a weights workout.  Long day. Finished at 6.30. J slept better but still coughing a lot. 

Tues Jan 12

Walked to big Tesco, 4.4 miles.  J improved my home office set-up so that I now use a large monitor, external keyboard and mouse with my work laptop, and have a switch to select between the laptop and my personal PC. Have a new webcam and halo ring light. Takes 10 years off on Zoom! Here's Molly waiting for her close-up.

Weds Jan 13

Drizzly and cold. Only did short walk. J had phone consultation with doctor.

Ready for bad weather walking: Gail Hanlon from blog Is This Mutton wearing Rab waterproof anorak

Thurs Jan 14

Awful day weather-wise so did online yoga workout with Adriene. Difficult to angle myself on the floor so that I could see her on the PC screen. V busy at work. J started antibiotics.

Friday Jan 15

Not raining so did an urban walk. Finally watched last 2 episodes of The Killing.  J v keen to try something new. Made chilli and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's winter salad. Yummy.

Sat Jan 16

Excited to see snow but it only lasted about 2 mins and then it rained. Boo. Did 2 of my least favourite cleaning jobs, fridge and cutlery drawer.  Watched The Great. 

Sun Jan 17

Early walk Yates Meadow mud revels.  Sun came out. By end of day had walked 9 miles and burned 2,402 calories. Roast chicken. Snowdrops starting to emerge. Started Pembrokeshire Murders. 

Monday Jan 18

"Blue Monday" when we are all supposed to be depressed. I was cheerful. J is a lot better. Urban walk. Overcast.  Quiet day at work. Tried Finding Alice and The Mallorca Files but not v impressed with either.

Tues Jan 19

Busy day. Did home workout.  J well enough to do a program on his bike trainer. Changed bed, J wanted less toggage. 

Weds Jan 20

Did short walk 3.7 miles, it was too grey and showery to walk for longer.  Forest is saturated. Busy day again, twice yearly planning session every afternoon this week. Normally this would be held in Cambridge or the US. Watched final episode Pembrokeshire Murders. Started Informer. 

Thurs Jan 21

Blue sky walk. J's 360 degree camera arrived.  I was invited to go on Newsnight to talk about Covid in light of the Is This Mutton survey.  It's a very robust and serious news program so I said no.  If blogging was my career, I would have done it. But I was afraid they would trivialise my beloved blog and me as "an influencer," although I don't consider myself one as the blog is a hobby. Call My Agent back, yippee.

Blue sky day in Epping Forest, winter 2021

Fri Jan 22

J and I went for early walk 7 40 so he could try out new camera.  Lovely day. Walked around Connaught Water (top picture).  Had good meeting where new team told me they were thrilled with the start I'd made. Started watching The Bay series 1. 

Saturday Jan 23

Did mud walk 5.7 miles. 2 degrees, hands freezing. Did indoors blog shoot, 3 outfits. M&S Burns Night hamper arrived. Did a Zoom call for a Waitrose cookery class where they made caponata to demonstrate batch cooking.  Watched film Close, 5 out of 10

Waitrose online cookery class in action

Sunday Jan 24

Did workout. Ironing. Sorted out some eBay listings. Wrote a blog post. Roast lamb for lunch.  Started snowing but soon disappeared in garden. 

Mon Jan 25

Walk in forest, dusting snow quite pretty. Slippery.  J was out running with his 360 camera and raced over to me.  

Burns Night, had traditional haggis and wee dram of whisky. We're not Scottish but it broke the routine and the haggis was tasty. 
Haggis, neeps and tatties with a wee dram of whisky: Burns Night dinner

Tues Jan 26

No walk too busy. Dropped parcels off at post office.  Worked through to 6.30pm. 

Weds Jan 27

Long day working from 8am to till 7pm and no chance for a walk. Number of steps was terrible.  Lots ebay listings went live. Three sales right away so pleased with that. 

Thurs Jan 28

Urban walk, 4.4 miles.  Had online delivery from Ocado, first time I've been been able to book them for ages. Sold more on eBay. 

Fri Jan 29

Cut walk short because it looked like rain and I wasn't properly dressed.  Wear big noise reducing headphones so always a bit nervous about rain if I don't have a hat and hood.  Went to post office to despatch eBayers. Watched film The Dig,  7 out of 10. Pleasant little film, would never have had this amount of hype if it had been shown at the cinema in normal times.

January 30

Rained all morning so no walk. Did some indoor blog photography and lots housework.  Started Bridgerton. 

Sun January 31

Pleasant day blue sky. Did forest walk 4.4 miles, sticking to trails because I didn't want to get my boots filthy after J cleaned them so well. Then did the RSPB Birdwatch for an hour. Saw 2 blue tits, 2 great tits, 1 coal tit, 8 sparrows, 2 woodpigeons and a robin. Garden is quiet at this time of year, quite often we have blackbirds, finches, sparrow hawk, feral pigeons, thrushes, magpies and starlings.

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  1. Lots of walking. I need to get back to some of that. Enjoyed your post.


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