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Wednesday 25 May 2022

Summer Bottoms

 And #WowOnWednesday

Is This Mutton the blog for stylish and sassy over-50s on how to choose the right basics to make your summer dressing a breeze

I bet that got your attention. The bottoms I'm referring to are skirts, shorts and cropped trousers that will make or break summer for us.

Most years, I have a few old items, some of which I was never very keen on because of the fit, or the material, and I grudgingly make do. This year I had a whole new approach.

I made a note of what I like, and will keep;  what I will give away, and gaps I need to fill.  In the "likes" I have a pair of pink cropped trousers - above - from Roman, and I've ordered another pair in lime green.  They're only £22 and come in several colours. 

I'm wearing them with another old piece, a white and pink top from Warehouse, and a new pair of Moshulu Danube Metallic sandals, (gifted), currently on offer at £39.20. I've given myself the first pedicure of the summer and am wearing my favourite shade, the pearly Happy Anniversary by OPI. 

Moshulu Danube Metallic sandals, both stylish and comfortable. Copyright: Is This Mutton.com

Cropped trousers, stylish but comfortable sandals and a pretty top with jewellery is the perfect casual but smart outfit for Greece.  The vibe on Skiathos is laid-back;  people don't dress up too much for dinner.  Some of the restaurants are high up, with spectacular views, but that means a lot of steps to get there - so comfortable sandals or shoes like these are essential.  

According to the Times on Sunday, sandals like this are being worn with ankle socks by the trendy.  That's not something I'll be doing - how about you?

Is This Mutton blogger Gail in pink and white patterned top ans pink cropped trousers from Roman

Finding a White Denim Skirt 

Another item on my list was a white denim skirt. These are notoriously difficult to get right.  The material is fairly rigid, so unless you find a good fit, they can make your hips look bigger simply by the way they hang - and particularly with any badly placed pockets.

I did a lot of online research to find a skirt that wasn't too long, had buttons down the middle and no zips  (zips on denim skirts often have strange bulges). This one came from Truly. This is another simple casual outfit, ideal for sight-seeing or running errands. 

Gail from Is This Mutton in white denim skirt from Truly, striped Breton top and white trainers

I'm wearing it with a Zesty Breton top and electric blue belt by Kettlewell, and Stan Smith trainers by Adidas. Necklace from M&S. Below, for chilly days or evenings add a lightweight short tie wrap (Kettlewell) - this is in Chinese Blue, one of the colours in the stripes.  

Adding a lightweight wrap for cooler summer evenings, blogger Gail from Is This Mutton in striped Breton and white denim skirt

In addition to the cropped trousers and white denim skirt. I have a few pairs of shorts, a smart pair of black culottes, my beloved polka dot trousers and a couple of more dressy skirts for evenings out. 

Socks with Sandals?

Having all my basics covered makes me feel relaxed about summer as I can quickly pull together an outfit with any of the bottoms. I don't know about you but I don't enjoy summer clothes very much. I'm not someone who wears dresses very much, and I miss the layering of winter, plus the huge selection of jumpers/sweaters, the huge choice of fabrics  (velvet, wool, tweed...) and all the add-ons:  gloves, hats, coats.....Whereas in summer you're limited to a top and a bottom, mostly in cotton to stay cool. 

What do you think of summer dressing? Is it your favourite season for clothes? And will you be wearing socks with your Birkenstocks (or other similar sandal).  Let me know in the comments. 

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Disclosure:  I was gifted with a pair of Danube sandals by Moshulu with no obligation to post anything and no copy clearance.  My opinions are always honest and my own.  Nothing else in this post was gifted, and no affiliate links have been used.  I have given you the "ordinary" links to items which I like, to help with your shopping if you're interested in looking at them. 

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  1. This is definitely my favourite season for dressing. I hate socks and panties so I'm glad it's warm enough to do without. Love those pink trousers!

    1. Risqué! Love it. I guess you mean panrs in the US sense (trousers) not UK way (knickers)

  2. Oh that’s a great skirt. Know exactly what you mean about the Zip Bulge. I have a lovely denim skirt but hubs tells me it looks awful because the zip area totally exaggerates and puckers up my around already big tum. Must check out your skirt. And socks with my birkies? How? Surely the bare toe grips the contour of the sole, the raison d’etre for this type of footwear? Whatever next!
    Hugs Mary xxx

  3. P.a. To gauge the length of the skirt, may I ask how tall you are Gail? Grotesque knees and varicose veins play a big part in my pensioner life!
    Mary xxx.


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