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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Wear a Halterneck Without Fear!

 & #WowOnWednesday

Gail Hanlon from over-50s style blog Is This Mutton in lime green halter neck top with orange cropped trousers

Dear friends.  You may wonder what's fear inducing about wearing a halter neck top. Well, if like me you're over a certain age, you may be reluctant to bare your arms, plus there's the dilemma of what bra to wear, and will it look OK?

I love the look of halternecks but haven't actually worn one for years for the reasons mentioned above. So I grasped the nettle and set about putting these demons to rest, to mix my metaphors.  The top in question I bought pre-loved. 

Over 60s blogger Gail Hanlon in lime green halterneck top and orange cropped trousers

Underwear Solutions for Halter Necks

First: underwear.  If you're small busted, wearing a strapless bra probably holds no terror for you.  For those larger than a C cup, it's fraught with difficulty.  The moulded cup type of strapless bra usually looks like a boulder holder and makes us look HUGE. It creates a matronly tent effect or mono-boob under the halterneck.  Not exactly the look we were aiming for.  Strapless bras for the big busted have a hard job to do.  

I bought a different style of bra from M&S a couple of years ago:  it's underwired, as a strapless bra needs to be, but the cups are a sheer material with elasticated tops.  This bra is comfortable and it's what I'm wearing in these pics.  Unfortunately, M&S doesn't seem to have this style any longer.  It has a lace version, but lace is not very smooth under a form fitting top  (probably fine for a dress). 

The only drawback is that the sheer material reveals the nipples, which might not be a look you're happy with.  I've solved that with a cheap pair of invisible silicone nipple covers,  £7.99 from Amazon for two pairs in a little case.  M&S sell them too. 

I was also intrigued by a product that kept appearing in my social media feed: what's described as an invisible strapless bra.  It's basically two silicone pads which have adhesive on one side and "rabbit's ears" that can pull up the decolletage to the desired level.

In the interests of science, I gave them a try.  The size I bought is the largest one and supposed to fit up to an E cup, but as a 36DD they weren't quite big enough. I'll spare you the photo I took. 

The adhesive was very strong, which made it a bit eye watering when it came to remove them, but I would feel confident wearing them on an evening. If you worry about back fat,  this type of bra removes the problem. No straps! 

Should over 50s avoid halter neck tops in summer? No says over-60 blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton

As for arms, well, my arms are a lot less taut that they were last year, and I only have myself to blame. I've more or less stopped doing my resistance workouts, which is a big mistake.  Lifting weights is essential as you get older.  It also greatly improves the appearance of arms and shoulders.  I need to adjust my exercise routine because now that I'm cycling three days a week, plus Pilates and a couple of long walks, I'm finding it difficult to add the weights routine. But I definitely will.

At the end of the day, I'm 62 and my arms are inevitably a bit crepey with bingo wings. Who cares? I use a body lotion every day and once they're a bit tanned, I'll be happy.

Tips for women over 50 on how to look good in a halter neck top from Is This Mutton

Do you like to wear halterneck tops? Or are they a no-go area?  Do tell in the comments. 

Pop by on Monday for the monthly Style Not Age Challenge. 

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  1. Oh I hear you with the bra situation, I’ve got a couple of tops like racer styles and me strapless bra doesn’t look right at all! I need to find another and will have a look in M & S now. Thanks for sharing the rabbis ear things. I need to get some and try, was there a link on your post? X Jacqui.


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