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Is This Mutton? proves there's plenty of joie-de-vivre in being over 50. We don't need to wear elasticated skirts and be afraid to show our knees. We are still vital, energetic and fashionable, plus we are blessed with wisdom and experience.

The title, "Is this Mutton?" refers to a saying in the UK, "mutton dressed as lamb," usually applied to older women in a derogatory sense.  Consequently, women over the age of 40 are made to worry about looking like mutton (particularly by tabloid newspapers), even though we know it's up to us what we wear, and why should it be anyone else's business?

The blog was created by Gail Hanlon, a former journalist, now a full-time digital marketer, living in London, UK.

Is This Mutton creator Gail Hanlon says the blog aims to use colour, fashion and great beauty finds to prevent older women being invisible. "I think all women should have fun with fashion - it's not age dependent. We can buy from Asos, Topshop and River Island as well as the stores associated with our age group. Fashion trends can be adopted by anyone, of any age and given your own personal spin".

New posts are published every Sunday and Wednesday on the topics of fashion, beauty and jewellery. On Wednesday other bloggers are invited to add their posts to #WowOnWednesday, the weekly style link up.

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  1. Being a librarian (and an American), I had fun researching what a "Janner" was and the origin of that phrase... plus the origin of the mutton phrase ("mutton dressed as lamb"). Language is so interesting! Do you also follow Catherine's style blog 'Not Dressed as Lamb'?


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