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Is This Mutton? is all about joie-de-vivre for the over 50s. We are vital, energetic and fashionable, and blessed with wisdom and experience. We spend the most money of all the demographics on beauty and fashion.

We certainly don't need click bait articles and newspapers telling us what the over 50s should and should not wear! And we don't really want to wear elasticated skirts, except on Christmas Day. What we really hate is being represented by pictures of people in their 80s with walking sticks, or described as "grandmothers" "ageing gracefully" or "silver surfers."  Would these epithets be applied to men over 50 by the media? No. 

The title, "Is this Mutton?" refers to a saying in the UK, "mutton dressed as lamb," usually applied to older women in a derogatory sense.  Consequently, women over the age of 40 are made to worry about looking like mutton.

The blog was created by Gail, a full-time digital marketer and former journalist,  living in London, UK.

Her intention is to showcase fashion from every outlet and price point, except designer, while trying to avoid retailers notorious for "fast fashion" and the poor ethical practices this usually involves.

Is This Mutton's philosophy is taking latest trends and adapting them to suit you, creating a few signature styles along the way.

New posts are published every Wednesday on the topics of fashion, beauty, fitness and jewellery. This post features the #WowOnWednesday link-up where other bloggers and Instagrammers are invited to share their posts to find new readers. Plus Is This Mutton publishes the following posts:
  • monthly post on the last Friday of every month on recommended reading, podcasts and TV shows        
  • A monthly fashion post on the last Monday of every month featuring Gail and other bloggers in the #StyleNotAge challenge
Is This Mutton is not monetized to provide an optimum reading experience. 

To contact the Is This Mutton team, please email Gail at 

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  1. Being a librarian (and an American), I had fun researching what a "Janner" was and the origin of that phrase... plus the origin of the mutton phrase ("mutton dressed as lamb"). Language is so interesting! Do you also follow Catherine's style blog 'Not Dressed as Lamb'?


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