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Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon, an over 40s fashion and beauty blogger
I'm Gail, a 50 something native Janner (Plymothian), living in London, UK. I'm a former journalist who turned poacher and went into PR and marketing.

I revived Is This Mutton? in December 2016 after it had lain dormant for a few years. I know some of you are puzzled by the title "Is this Mutton?"  In the UK, we have a saying "looks like mutton dressed as lamb," which is usually applied to older women in a derogatory sense.  Consequently, we often worry about looking like mutton, even though we know we should wear what we like.

My aim with Is This Mutton? is to use colour, fashion and great beauty finds to avoid being invisible. I think all women should have fun with fashion - it's not age dependent. I'm just as happy browsing Asos, Topshop and River Island as I am looking at Marks and Spencer and John Lewis.

When I'm not working (I'm a full-time digital marketing professional) or blogging, I like dining out,  going to the theatre or art museums, exercising and spending far too much time Pinning on Pinterest.

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  1. Being a librarian (and an American), I had fun researching what a "Janner" was and the origin of that phrase... plus the origin of the mutton phrase ("mutton dressed as lamb"). Language is so interesting! Do you also follow Catherine's style blog 'Not Dressed as Lamb'?


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