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Wednesday 10 July 2024

Boden Skirts Over the Years

  And Wow on Wednesday

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in her latest pre-loved Boden skirt buy

Dear friends. This summer I've been wearing far more skirts than I normally do, having bought four pre-loved Boden skirts from eBay.

It got me thinking about my Boden skirts over the years.  I can see why some of them worked less well for me, and why some were outstanding. 

First, my new (to me) purchases.  The skirt at the top of the post has pretty embroidered triangles and goes well with my spring shades of pink.  I wore this outfit to the V & A Museum on Monday. It was a bit chilly so added my Kettlewell Chloe jacket in cream.  Tee is Kettlewell's scoop half sleeve in pink geranium. The shoes are also Boden, a few years old.

My other three newcomers this summer are all blue toned, which is a bit unfortunate I guess, particularly as the skirt in  the centre looks very similar to the one on the right. I've even styled them the same! One has pockets, the other is lined. I'm afraid I still get swept up in the excitement of eBay. Lately this includes being made an offer by a seller. 

All three skirts has been getting good wears.  They're a great alternative to shorts, particularly in this strange summer of ours where it's been quite cool.  Adding a jacket or cardigan to a skirt looks more harmonious than adding them to shorts. 

Three Boden skirts in shades of blue worn by Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon

You've probably noticed all the skirts so far are knee length  or just under.  I'm 5'3 and this is the length that suits me best.  The long skirts which are all the fashion aren't very good on petite women who are short waisted.  It's all about the proportions.  My style personality is more gamine - neat and fitted - so many of the long skirts have too much material, which swamps me.

Here are a couple of Boden skirts which didn't work for me. 

Boden Alexa skirt worn in 2017 by Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon. The lace style didn't suit her style personality.

This one dates from 2013 and was called Alexa.  I hardly ever wore it and at the time couldn't tell you why.  Now I realise it's because of the lace style - it doesn't suit my style personality. 

The picture above illustrates very well how a short waist and a long skirt are not always best friends! I hadn't had my spring colour analysis in 2019, when I bought this Becky skirt, but I hardly ever wore it, because of both the length and the colour, which is not a bright enough green.  I sold it. 

This green silk skirt, a Boden purchase in 2013, was a buy made without any thought behind it, except that it matched the sandals, also from Boden. I hardly ever wore it because I couldn't find a top that worked with it. The lesson here is not to be seduced by an individual style but to work out where the gaps are in your wardrobe and find items that co-ordinate with everything else. 

The skirts below were all favourites - but I only have one of them! Can you guess which one?

4 favourite Boden skirts over the years, worn by over-60s style blogger Gail Hanlon.
Left to right:  I'm cursing the fact I got rid of this cute floral skirt which is in spring colours! It probably happened when I thought I was a winter. I also got rid of the wedges, which I have also regretted!  (Do you ever have donation regret?!).  I hope to be reunited with that skirt sometime, via eBay. 

Second from left:  I ADORED this green and navy skirt so much it actually wore out. The velvet waistband was very threadbare.  You can imagine my delight when I found an identical one on eBay.  Unfortunately it was an "L" (long) and the length looked frumpy.  

Third from left:  the burgundy and navy colour way don't work with my spring colours.  Donated. 

Fourth from the left:  I still have this corduroy navy skirt.  It looks great in winter with long boots  (the round toed boots shown are also from Boden). 

That's my life in Boden skirts! Have you had any over the years?  Do you get "donation regret"?  Do tell in the comments. Scroll down below the link-up to find the comments box.

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  1. That striped top and green skirt would be perfect for me! Lol. I can see me wearing it. Love the,, new,, skirts, especially the left one. I can't imagine why you ever thought you where a winter type!


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