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Friday 5 July 2024

The Most Exciting Book List Ever!

 (And I Never Exaggerate)

Is This Mutton shares the books recently read and on the to be read pile, saying this is a truly exciting list of books

Dear friends. A quick post to share an absolutely phenomenal list of books. They're titles I've either just read, or am about to read. Some of my favourite contemporary writers are here:  Elizabeth Strout, Clare Chambers, KL Slater. You'll be wanting to pre-order.

Recent Reads 

Our Holiday by Louise Candlish (publication date 4 July)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Mystery & Thrillers, Women's Fiction, 

Brief Synopsis: A rising tide of resentment towards second-home owners and small acts of criminal damage are escalating into something more menacing in Poole's Pine Ridge.  By the end of the summer, families and friendships will be torn apart and Pine Ridge will be known for more than its sun-drenched beaches. It will be known for murder…

Review date: my July round-up on 19 July. 

The Grand Scheme of Things by Warona Jay (publication date 12 Sept)

Genres: Literary, Women's Fiction 

Brief synopsis: Two unlikely friends hatch an extraordinary scheme to expose the theatre world in this wildly entertaining and sharply observed debut novel exploring perception, redemption, and how success shapes us all.

Review date: in my September round-up, 20 September 

Swimming to Lundy by Amanda Prowse (publication date 6 August)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Women's Fiction

Brief Synopsis: A young woman who's made sacrifices to look after her Nana and grief-stricken mother takes action to pull herself out of a rut.

Review date: book blog tour, 5 August

Shy Creatures by Clare Chambers (publication date 29 August)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction 

Brief Synopsis:  A life-affirming novel about all the different ways we can be confined, how ordinary lives are built of delicate layers of experience, the joy of freedom and the transformative power of kindness.

Review date: in my September round-up, 20 September

The Wrong Woman by OJ Mullen (publication date 17 July)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Mystery & Thrillers 

Brief Synopsis: In a tale of twisted love and chilling revenge, bestseller O.J. Mullen will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Review date: my July reviews, 19 July

Tell Me Everything by Elizabeth Strout (publication date 19 September)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction 

Brief Synopsis: A hopeful, healing novel about new friendships, old loves, and the very human desire to leave a mark on the world, from the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Booker-shortlisted author. 

Review date: my September reviews, 20 September 

Message Deleted by KL Slater (publication date 18 July)

Genres: General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers

Brief Synopsis: General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers

Review date: my July reviews, 19 July

Dead Fall by AK Turner (publication date 18 July)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Mystery & Thrillers 

Brief Synopsis: An intriguing new case for Camden-based forensic sleuth Cassie Raven.

Review date: book blog tour, 22 July 

My Next Reads

Cage of Bones by Jenny O'Brien (publication date 15 August)

Genres: General Fiction (Adults), Mystery & Thrillers,  True Crime

Brief Synopsis: As the last pot breached the surface of the water, the fisherman's anticipation curdled to dread. No crab clattered within – inside the cage, where his catch should have been, was a pile of human bones.

Review date: in my August reviews, 19 August.

Isolation Island by Louise Minchin (publication date 12 September)

Genres: Mystery & Thrillers, Women's Fiction 

Brief Synopsis: Ten celebrities have arrived to take part in the most gruelling - and lucrative - reality survival show ever devised: two weeks completely alone on a remote Scottish island, in the depths of winter.

Review date: in my September round-up, 20 September 

Any books caught your eye and worth a pre-order? I've actually read a few more than this but will be adding a few surprises to upcoming review round-ups. Do tell in the comments - and don't forget to add any hot recommendations. 

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