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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shop the Look

I'm very excited to see "shop the look" widgets appearing in magazines and on blogs like Not Dressed Like Lamb.

The reason is I am driven to distraction when I see clothes in a magazine and I can't buy them!

The dress on the left, from Coast, is a good example.  It was featured in a magazine; I checked out the website and there it is, prominent on the home page and in their High Summer 13 Look Book. But can you buy it? No.  Entering its name, "Steren" yields a frosty Not Found. Ye Gods, why can't they acknowledge that maybe this dress isn't available yet, and take your email address to let you know when it is?

Another disappointment recently was a cream and green floral/leaf print dress that featured in an article in The Times magazine about girls and their proms. The dress was from Asos, but their site didn't have it and hasn't had it, despite my daily checks.

Meanwhile a floral peplum skirt from M&S was shown in several magazines, and I wanted it.  But now it has finally landed, I've gone off the boil.


Monday, 27 May 2013

What do you wear to work?

Top: A Wear; city shorts - M&S; shoes - Boden; belt - Madeleine

I work for a big US tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley. In the US and in our UK office, the dress code is casual with people wearing mostly jeans or chinos and t-shirts / sweatshirts. And tro be honest, a lot of them look quite scruffy. I really can't abide the clothes featuring the company logo. Fine for an event, but in the office?!

For customer meetings and presentations, people wear more formal business wear: for women, jackets with dresses or skirts;  for men, jacket and shirt and for those in the City, tie.

Those of us in marketing, perceived to be more creative, are less slavish to the "dress down" code. So I usually wear floral skirts, nice wedges, cropped trousers or dresses. This year I have resurrected my "city shorts" which are about 5 years old. I absolutely LOVE Pete Pan collars so have been wearing lots of tops featuring them, or detachable pearl or sequin Peter Pan collars.

When I'm working at home I wear jeans and tops --- nothing with logos you understand! What do you wear for work?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pink and white

It's hard finding well cut, slightly dressy white t-shirts and tops. Last year I left it to the last minute and couldn't find any for my holiday.

This year I've sourced two dressy white tops, both a bit pricey but great quality. The one below, from Peter Hahn, has white blooms around the neckline which you can't see too well.  The other one, also from Peter Hahn, you can see in my posting here.

I also found a classic fitted white t-shirt at Fig Leaves which is simple but well cut.

The skirt below is by Next. They have really upped the ante on some of their women's wear. I bought two skirts and they're both great quality: the one below is silk. Yet some of their tops are really ghastly: nasty fabrics and colours.  The metallic pink shoes are from Asos.

Pink and white skirt, pink metallic shoes
T-shirt, Peter Hahn; jacket, M&S; skirt, Next; shoes, Asos

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