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Monday 27 May 2013

What do you wear to work?

Top: A Wear; city shorts - M&S; shoes - Boden; belt - Madeleine

I work for a big US tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley. In the US and in our UK office, the dress code is casual with people wearing mostly jeans or chinos and t-shirts / sweatshirts. And tro be honest, a lot of them look quite scruffy. I really can't abide the clothes featuring the company logo. Fine for an event, but in the office?!

For customer meetings and presentations, people wear more formal business wear: for women, jackets with dresses or skirts;  for men, jacket and shirt and for those in the City, tie.

Those of us in marketing, perceived to be more creative, are less slavish to the "dress down" code. So I usually wear floral skirts, nice wedges, cropped trousers or dresses. This year I have resurrected my "city shorts" which are about 5 years old. I absolutely LOVE Pete Pan collars so have been wearing lots of tops featuring them, or detachable pearl or sequin Peter Pan collars.

When I'm working at home I wear jeans and tops --- nothing with logos you understand! What do you wear for work?


  1. When I was working I tried to never look like I was at home never too casual. People who made the comment that I was too dressed up didn't get promoted as fast as I did... So it worked for me to wear tailored slacks with a woven blouse or a knit top and always a jacket. Fridays were professional sweater day for my third piece. I never ever wore jeans or khaki pants to work. I did wear dresses but only those that were tailored looking no sun dresses. In the summer I wore sling backs but not open toed shoes. I wanted to convey that I was serious about my job. I did wear bright colors though not black all the time.

  2. Cute and creative little outfit! You look youthful without looking too young, and you've chosen flattering shapes! I'm lucky in my work wardrobe. I get to dress up like I'm going out to dinner. We own and operate a very small restaurant ... pub style, but furnished with antiques and low light. I'm always on the floor, but I try to dress as if I'm hosting an ongoing dinner-party, and even though I serve tables to some extent,I get to swan around a bit and can wear dresses easily. So far, I've ruined none that I can remember. I wear heels all the time, and do fine with them Don't make a lot of money, but have the freedom to dress up or down as much as I'd like!


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