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Monday 28 October 2013

Mid Calf Boots

Boots, Zara; jumper, Boden; trousers, Marks & Spencer

I adore ankle boots. I think they look really funky with coloured tights and fun skirts (to use a Boden-esque phrase). I recently bought a pair of black shiny mid calf boots (Zara) but I'm a little flummoxed about how to wear them.  Samantha Cameron got no end of stick when she wore the same pair with a dress and no tights.

The challenge is that mid calf boots cut off the leg at the chunkiest part.

The elastic "Chelsea boot" part of these boots unmercifully cuts into your calf flesh, so with tights or bare legs, this is only flattering if you're very young and very thin. It looked amazing on the models in the Red fashion spread on coats, with all the models wearing ankle and mid calf boots.

I have been wearing them with trousers, although I think it's a look that possibly shouts "Captain Kirk" or "Beam me up Scotty."


  1. I think you need a really skinny leg trouser or jean. Great boots x

  2. Love the ankle boots, very cute and right on trend!

  3. i have a pair of boots and i was a kinda confused before coming across to your isthismutton.com website that which dresses would match with the particular black boots i have. thanks for clearing my confusion. now i know how to wear them perfectly.


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