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Monday 4 November 2013

New Shoes

I'm indebted to Tamera Beardsley who wrote a few weeks ago about her search for the perfect pair of shoes. She found them with a quirky London brand called Poetic Licence.

I was amazed that I've never come across this brand before. They're really perfect for me. I'm always hunting for shoes which are a little different and don't look "grannyish" because I don't like high heels.

These shoes, above, are from Poetic Licence. They're Barnard brogues and come in several different colours. The shoe boxes are very cute too! It's my birthday on Thursday and I've asked for a a slightly different pair of blue ones. Sharing with the lovely ladies of Visible Monday.
Shoes, Poetic Licence; jumper, Pure Collection; skirt, Boden; necklace and belt, Marks & Spencer



  1. oh, I adore these shoes! I have some PL's too and love the quirkiness. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Wow, such cool shoes! The heel is a little high for me, but they look fab on you. I love the skirt, too.

  3. So happy my dear you found some new shoe love! They look fabulous on you!! Enjoy your birthday festivities!!

  4. Love your bold use of color.

  5. Great shoes. Very nice with the awesome hot pinK!
    Thanks for visiting me. Have a lovely week. :)

  6. Perfect, modern outfit. Just adorable. You styled these delicious little shoes so well.

  7. Very modern outfit:) you look fantastic:) beautiful shoes:) have a lovely week . Kisses Beata


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