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Monday 25 August 2014

In search of the perfect Nude

I bet that's a headline that will win me a lot of traffic :-)

I have been searching for the perfect nude lipstick for many years. Some celebrities, like Victoria Beckham, Nigella Lawson and Eva Longoria, have definitely cracked it. I want what they're having.

First, a word of warning. Every woman has a different "perfect Nude." I fell victim to a couple of magazine articles where the writer swore that various Nudes were perfect for everyone. MAC Creme d' Nude and Givenchy Beige Mousseline were two that I bought which were wrong for me. I recently bought the Charlotte Tilbury nude plus lip lacquer plus lip pencil, but again, they were the wrong nude.

What I've learnt is that because we all have different skin tones, that applies to our lips as well. Some peoples' lips are pinker than others. For me, the Nudes that are entirely beige or cream coloured are useless. I need one with a little pink undertone.

I also find that a nude on its own looks very flat on the mature woman so you need to shoosh it up with some lip gloss on top.

For me the perfect combo is By Terry shade 100 Terrybly Nude, topped with By Terry Gloss Terrybly Shine in Floral Paradise. Together these give a subtle wash of colour and juicey shine that doesn't scream out "lipstick" but whispers "enhanced lips." It gives a nice soft focus effect to your make-up. They assured me in Space NK this is the duo that Nigella uses.

I did panic when I last tried to buy the lipstick because Space NK didn't have it, and I feared it had been end-of-lifed. I managed to get one at Harrods.

Another lipstick which worked quite well, but does seem to have been end-of-lifed, was L'Oreal's lipstick Colour Rich Star Secrets in 715, Jane Fonda.

What are your tips for the perfect Nude?



  1. 62 years old. Still searching.

  2. Thanks for this - I am always looking for the next best color for lips! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too. xo

  3. Quite right! I find any darker, cooler and pinky-nude works just fine, a shade darker than my own lip color. Everything else turns red or orangy on me. I'm figuring out that with my red hair and emphasis on the eye, too bright or too dark lips just don't work for me. The older I get, the more I rely on a cooler shade or warmer shade of "nude" as described above is about all I need.

  4. Oooh, nude lipsticks - one of my favourite subjects. Some of my current faves include Clarins Rouge Prodige 123 Creamy Toffee, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 06 Rose Bergamasque (pink toned) and Vivo Cosmetics Naturally Nude.


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