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Monday 23 January 2017

Fashion in my 20s: what was I thinking?

I thought I would give you a laugh by sharing some of the outfits from my 20s. This was in the 1980s, a decade not noted for sartorial style. But even so......
The first horror is the jade green jacket and matching trousers that I wore to see David Bowie in the Serious Moonlight Tour in Milton Keynes. For some reason, I'd left it until I actually got to Milton Keynes to buy an outfit, and I only had about two hours. Plus, I was staying in a village called Stony Stratford rather than the town centre. So there was only one boutique, and it wasn't exactly offering cutting edge fashion.

At that time, I hardly ever wore jeans.  I was convinced they made my thighs look huge. Well, to be honest, they did.  Normally I wore skirts or dresses. But I figured everyone at the concert would be wearing jeans, so I thought this outfit would be the most appropriate thing.  The red shoes are a nod to a line in his song "Let's Dance."

Next. This was the sort of dress I wore a lot of the time. It had a drawstring waist, which is a flattering shape for me normally. I didn't have much of a waist so I was drawn to dresses that tried to give  me one. The pale pink dress was in a weird toweling material. My mum hated it! To make it worse, I used to wear it with white tights. Remember them?  My hair was in this style for a long time until I went very short (more on that shortly). I had dyed it black but missed a bit at the back, and a child on the bus said very loudly "why does that lady have a piece of hair that doesn't match the rest?"

Next up is the primrose yellow pie crust collar blouse and skirt I wore for a significant job interview. My mum was shocked to say the least when I came home with this, bought specifically for the interview. Somehow I managed to get the job.  The Princess Diana influence is apparent in the pie crust blouse with ribbons. Very twee on me, but it was fashionable. I know now that this style doesn't suit my personality.

Now these trousers were quite fashionable at the time, and I stand by them. I've got a touch of the Donald Trumps in terms of the fake tan.  I remember going overboard on the Ambre Solaire, for my brother's wedding.

This next outfit makes me shudder. I only wore it once. It was a case of this type of outfit being in fashion, and me being determined to wear it because I was still young.  My hair is very short which did nothing for me. Neither did the shapeless short set!

This one is a real "what was I thinking?" I'm with my Grandma and she looks far more chic than I do, in my hideous clown suit. I think it came from one of those parties (Pippa Dee?) where someone hosted and you felt obliged to buy something. Mum bought me this.

Finally (drum roll) - I saved the best until last. This was in my early 30s, so we're talking the 90s. The jacket was a nice soft leather bought in Munich. But it looks far too long and bulky. The skirt was a thrifted abomination. And the hair! It's what I used to call "my baked bean head look."

What memories do you have of what you wore in your 20s?



  1. Oh, Gail!! We all have photos like these, and it's such a fun process to look back!!
    I had this thought the other day about stylists and fashion bloggers. Really, the young kids should be looking up to all of us older women about what to wear, because we have the experience and have already made a ton of mistakes!! Ha ha!

  2. HA! Gail, I love that you've put these out there! I found myself nodding along (we must be about the same age, I'm nearly 50) and thinking, "Yes, I wore that too!" Also, put on your red shoes and dance the blues, baby!

    Embrace the bad fashion! I think you look great in these - and the clothes, well, they are "of their time."

  3. You look older in the last photo than you do now! We all have these hidden away though don't we? I have loads!x
    www.vanityandmesty let.com


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