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Sunday 1 January 2017

Wearing Green in 2017

Is This Mutton? blogger Gail Hanlon in green, the Pantone colour of the year 2017

Green is this year's trendy colour  (see my post on 2017 predictions) and the good news is, there's a green shade that suits everyone.

The Pantone shade "greenery" is a ferny sort of green, not the type I would normally wear. I prefer Kelly, emerald green or the yellowy pistachio.  Which greens do you normally veer towards? Those will probably be the shades that suit you most.

Green goes very well with pink on the opposite side of the colour wheel. If that seems a bit too daring as an outfit, choose a couple of pink highlights - a scarf, bag or shoes. In the photo above I've added pink with my lipstick. I like green with navy or black for corporate wear.  The yellowy pistachio shade, below, looks fab with silver. 

Here are some of my green outfits - Boden have traditionally offered some good green choices - plus some new green arrivals available to buy now, below.

Boden green dress on 40 something woman

Dress: Boden, shoes, Next, sold out; tights, Next; necklace, Justine at Etsy.

Green Boden dress worn with dark green patterned tights

Green jumper and skirt from Boden with Next flat green shoes

Jumper and skirt, Boden (past season); shoes Next (sold out)

Green coat from Marks and Spencer with navy trousers and burgundy boots
Coat and  navy trousers Marks and Spencer (past season), boots Zara (past season)

Indulge now in Green 

St Emile green jersey dress from Peter Hahn

St Emile jersey dress, £449, Peter Hahn 

Silk blouse, £169 (reduced), Peter Hahn 

Lace Colour Block Pleated Midi Skirt, £39, Marks and Spencer

Per Una Pleated Belt Front Tapered Leg Trousers, £45, Marks and Spencer

Scuba sweater, £45, & Other Stories, coming soon

Finally, a few parakeets in the garden - rocking green!  



  1. I was extremely happy to see green as the color of the year!
    It's one of my fave colors, and yet I don't even have a ton of it! But my bedroom used to be painted a dark green in my previous place!
    I love that you have a green statement coat---it's the perfect outerwear!!

  2. You're lovely in green, one of my favorite colors. Love these gorgeous parrots too! Thanks for linking, xo


  3. I love green as well and I think you wear it really wear. Have a very happy new year Gail. Love, Kirsten x



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