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Wednesday 13 September 2017

A miraculous nail and cuticle oil

These products are hand made by Apothaka founder Natasha Dauncey and 100 per cent natural but highly effective
I am quite a cynical buyer of beauty products in that I often buy them but don't expect miracles. I take most of the claims made for products with a pinch of salt. So it's not often that I use the "M" - or Miracle - word for anything. But, dear reader, I'm using it for Apothaka's SOS Recovery Nail and Cuticle Oil.
This product has been getting rave reviews from bloggers, and quite rightly so. I can honestly say that in the five weeks I've been using it, my nails have become far stronger and longer than I dared hope, and my cuticles are no longer risen and overgrown.

Apothaka is a British skincare company whose founder, Natasha Dauncey, is passionate about the use of plant-based natural skincare product. Her aim is to ensure that anyone with a desire to look after their skin is able to do so using high quality, natural and effective products.

Blended by Natasha, the SOS Recovery oil has 100% natural ingredients selected for their strengthening and nourishing properties to make a rich yet easily absorbed formulation.

I love the light scent of lemon and myrrh and the rollerball applicator is a great (and economical) way to apply this miracle oil.

Buy the SOS Recovery oil here. Apothaka ships worldwide.

Apothaka Rejuvenating Face Oil 
Image showing Apothaka Rejuvenating Face Oil and SOS Recovery nail and cuticle oil with a review by Is This Mutton

I am also thrilled with Aothaka's Rejuvenating Face Oil for normal to dry skin. I greatly prefer oils to serums. The Apothaka oil is rich and highly moisturising, but doesn't make the skin feel greasy. I use it each evening and find my skin looks smoother and more radiant the next day. The results are progressive: I can see an improvement in my skin's hydration, and the pigmentation marks seem lighter.

Ingredients include hempseed oil, evening primrose, sea buckthorn and co-enzyme Q10.

All the oils are made in small batches at home by Natasha. A wonderful home grown success story.

The facial oil comes in two different formulations and two different sizes. More info here.

* no products were gifted, all opinions are my own


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  1. Oh I need to look into that cuticle oil, my nails have been a bit poor lately and I often have issues with my cuticles - I'll keep this in mind when my hands get bad again! :) Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hope you experience the same magic! Thanks for the visit.

  2. I love both these products, I have nail oil in my handbag and a big 30ml of it by my bed, I can't be without it! The facial oil is also gorgeous, I love the scent. So Soothing and calming xxx

    1. It was your recommendation Lucy that encouraged me to try both oils. So pleased I did.

  3. I'm interested! If this can cure my cuticles I will be amazed! I'm going to look into it for sure. Thanks for the tip Gail.

    1. Definitely cured my cuticles and nothing else did. I can't speak highly enough of this oil!

  4. Going to try to find this miracle oil through Amazon. My cuticles are in horrifying shape. Working with the books at the library and washing my hands about a zillion times a day really play havoc on my cuticles and weaken my nails. Had been wearing gel polish for close to a year but needs to give my nails a break. And when I did, they were really weak for awhile. Thank you for the honest review. Going to look for this.

  5. Hi Gail, thanks so much for this timely product review. My nails are becoming brittle in a way I've never known previously so I'm definitely going to buy some of this wonder product and maybe some of the facial oil too as your skin is always gleaming.

    Anna x

    1. I'll be interested to find out how you get on, Anna. Meanwhile Apothaka are now tempting me with two new products - a cleansing oil and hand cream!


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