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Sunday 19 November 2017

Supermarket Chic

Image showing a 50 plus woman in a colour block jumper and skirt posing by barges
My recent post about vintage and thrifted chic was very popular so it got me thinking: how about looking at clothes you can buy in a supermarket?

It's fun to pick up the occasional jumper or pair of metallic socks at Sainsbury's. Last year I found a few gems including this tartan skirt and jumper, but lately I've been getting the shopping delivered - the pitfalls of working full-time - and haven't had much chance to browse the TU aisles.

I arrived too early on a Sunday - they've changed their opening time to 10.30 - and had to wait for a while. My overall impression of the clothing aisles was: eeek.  So much stuff, some very lurid colours and patterns, and no cohesion in terms of being able to identify easily what you would wear with, say, a pair of trousers.
Image showing a 50 plus woman posing by barges dressed in a smart wool two piece from Sainsburys
I'm always a bit wary about buying "cheap" fashion. Not because I don't like it, but because I'm troubled by the stories we hear frequently about workers in India and Bangladesh being exploited.

Usually the big stores like Primark shrug and say they had been assured the staff were being paid well for the local market, that children are not employed, and that they will look into it.

I don't get the impression they care all that much because at the end of the day, women want cheaper fashion and the retailers want to make big profits. Sainsburys' policy on ethical trading reassured me somewhat, though you have to go to their corporate site to find it.

Sainsbury's have a new Premium range which is supposed to be better quality for higher prices. But I found it very disappointing. The clothes are not displayed very well and Sainsbury's is missing an opportunity to sell across its range by not having mannequins wearing the Premium range and other Sainsbury's accessories. There is enough room in the store I went to, Chingford Low Hall.

The silk shirt (below, far right) was very creased on the hanger and felt rough to the touch. There was a shapeless dress / tunic which is not surprisingly now half price (normally £35). The size 10 was HUGE, I kid you not, and I had no idea how you would wear it or who it might flatter. But I liked the psychedelic print dress, left, and the subtle Christmas jumper, now in pale pink only, (centre) with sequins is pretty for £20
Four collaged images showing items available for women in the fashion aisles of UK supermarket Sainsburys
The jewellery in Sainsbury's is worth a look - it's fun to pick up low cost pieces. I bought a pair of blue pearl drop earrings in "rose gold,"  and a matching pendant, but I didn't wear them with the outfit in the end. They have a burgundy cloche hat which I would have bought, if I didn't already have a burgundy hat.

Some of their shoes and boots have touches of high fashion - pearls in the heels, for example. But the overall finish is cheap looking and stompy, with ugly round toes. They should take a look at what Marks and Spencer is currently doing with shoes  (KILLING it, ladies).
Image showing woman over 50 seated on a bench overlooking a canal wearing a colour block wool two piece outfit and over the knee boots
I'm wearing a necklace made for me by Pam Neri. The beads were made from recycled records. Pam is on Instagram, @pamnerinecklaces, and her website is here.
Image showing a woman in her 50s by a canal wearing black over the knee boots and a black maroon and paprika red jumper and knee length skirt

Image showing a woman in her 50s by a canal wearing black over the knee boots and a black maroon and paprika red jumper and knee length skirt

Outfit Details

Colourblock skirt, £18, and colourblock tie sleeve jumper,  £20, Sainsburys. Necklace, Pam Neri, see above. Over-the-knee sock boots, Next, £50. Leopard print bag, Next, last season.

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Do you shop much in the supermarkets for clothes and accessories? Do share!



  1. This looks great on Gail. I bought my white jeggings from Tu in the summer and they have been the best I've had so far. I'm a big fan of supermarket shopping,but I think you already know that! xx

  2. We both had the same red top from Tesco - that one was a winner! In fact I was in a big Tesco yesterday and was pretty impressed with what they had. I may do another post soon!

  3. Yes, does sound like Sainsbury is missing the point in upping their prices but you found yourself some beauties. And I'm so impressed with the OTKs! We don't have those supermarkets so I've never bought from them.
    Hugs, x.

  4. I also liked the Xmas jumper but bought one from H&M instead with gold sparkle throughout and it was £18. I do like TU usually but have never bought shoes in there and agree that the display is a bit of a hotchpotch.


  5. Wow! You should see how the supermarkets here look like! If there is something of clothing for sale, it is only a basic shirt or tee. I like your outfit a lot! I like stripes and the colour combination is fantastic!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!! It looks designer x #fakeituntilyoumakeit

  7. Wow, you found some beauties! We don't have any similar shops nearby, and I think you found the best! i like it that you care about ethical fashion/shopping, and want to know more about what you buy. Looking marvelous, xo


    1. Thanks Patti - I think the ethical issue is very important.

  8. Yes I know what you mean about not showing the clothing very well. I do love a bit of F & F, always good products for the price! I love this dress on you Gail, it looks very stylish. Good to see your boots getting an airing again (if they're the same ones). Have a super week Hun. Jacqui

    1. They are indeed the same boots, and quite comfy so I think they'll be getting a few outings!

  9. I've found supermarket clothing very hit and miss and like you, our local Sainsbury often looks like a marauding mob has been through it. Poorly display, clothes on the floor, not very inviting. You really have to hunt for gems. I agree with you about the fabrics and cut. Very cheap and the finish is often poor. BUT having said that I have been able to find a few gems so I persevere!
    I think you find a couple of gems with the jumper and skirt. Looks really good on you.


    1. The supermarkets could really do well with clothes if they made the experience a little more enjoyable. Their margins on milk and other grocery products are fast diminishing so it makes sense. I can also see from their POV that the only growing area of the fashion market is the cheaper end. So they probably don't want to increase their overheads.

  10. This was a great find Gail, worth rooting about for I'd say. The mix of colours are so good for the winter and lend themselves to lots of options for your accessories. Yes, I too espied the boots and love that you're making the most of these lovelies!

    Anna x

  11. What a great thought provoking post Gail!
    I don't often buy from the supermarkets, but only because you are likely to see the same item over and over.
    (I do buy gym leggings sometimes though)
    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40

  12. I'm a big fan of thrifting and try my very best to avoid fast fashion, which isn't easy when you are a style blogger!

    I think most people are missing the big picture which is that the world is running out of resources because of overconsumption. That is the real problem. The problem that will affect each and every one of us sooner than we all think.

    Before I became consciously aware and began thrifting I bought stuff from Joe Fresh which is the brand that our super markets carry. At the time they had really decent items that were very well made and reasonably priced. Now though I avoid the whole area.

    Style blogging is an enabler. No doubt about it.


  13. Love the knit dress, and your necklace is lovely! I found it interesting about the supermaket shopping as we just dont have that. how neat!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  14. That dress definitively goes a long way. Throw a denim jacket over it and it even works for the weekend. Pieces like this are great (rare) finds. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Nicole at High Latitude Style

  15. I love the top and skirt - I thought it was a dress at first. I find supermarket clothing more miss than hit, it often feels cheap. I do like Tu for the kids clothes though - my daughter says they feel nice on, probably because they don't have horrible scratchy labels. Thanks for linking up Gail!

    Emma xxx

  16. I love the skirt & jumper combo - I haven't seen these in my local store. I am a sucker for Sainsbury's clothing and often splurge when they have a 25% off (which also applies to the sale stuff too, so even better bargains can be had!). Their underwear is nice too.
    My local Tesco clothing section often looks like a jumble sale with sale rails all over the place.


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