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Monday 19 February 2018

SIA: Inspired by Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture

Image showing a woman in midi length metallic pleated skirt, black sequinned bomber jacket and silver Edie shoes by Vionic
The Style Imitating Art challenge is something I haven't done for ages, but I was inspired by the choice of Chicago's "Bean" sculpture. We saw this iconic sculpture in Millennium Park back in 2008 when John was taking part in the Chicago Marathon.  Like most visitors, we attempted a "selfie" in front of the sculpture's reflective surface.
For my outfit I chose shades of grey, white, silver and black with plenty of texture and glitter, from the pearl collar on my cream shell top to the shiny silver Vionic shoes and silver lurex tights, the heavy medallion necklace and the metallic silver pleated skirt. Not to mention my Lipsy black sequin jacket  (affectionately known as "the Elton John jacket" because I wore it when we saw Sir Elton just over a year ago).
Image showing the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park in winter
Chicago Bean Artwork” by t_s_l is licensed under a CC0 (public domain) license
Image showing Gail Hanlon from mid life fashion blog Is This Mutton? in an outfit interpretation of Chicago's "Bean" sculpture
For once the London skies weren't grey: today it's been a glorious spring-like day with blue sky.
Gail Hanlon from mid life fashion blog Is This Mutton in silver pleated skirt, black sequinned bomber jacket, silver Vionic shoes

Gail Hanlon from mid life fashion blog Is This Mutton in silver pleated skirt, black sequinned bomber jacket, silver Vionic shoes
The SIA Challenge this month was chosen by Erin of Loop Looks. Visit her blog on Wednesday (21 February) to see what the other participants came up with.

More on the fabulous Vionic* shoes

The minute I put these stylish Edie shoes on, my feet gave a happy sigh. I've written about Vionic shoes before, here and here. Not only are the shoes stylish, they're also supremely comfortable thanks to being biomechanically designed to hug your arches. Vionic's  FMT Technology helps support natural alignment from the ground up. The Edie shoes are new in for spring/summer and are also available in black and rose gold.

* I was gifted the Vionic Edie shoes. Everything else is my own.


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  1. You look beautiful, and I especially love those silver shoes.

    1. Thanks Joanne! Aren't the shoes great? Comfortable too.

  2. What a great interpretation Gail!!
    I love your choice of shoes with this--totally modern and stylish!!

    1. Thanks Jodie - I was so thrilled to receive the shoes. I think they'll be very versatile.

  3. I always love your style Gail. I love that you mixed sporty athleisure with modern, elegant and girly here. Great grey pleated maxi skirt!

    Welcome by Thursdays and join my style linkup pretty lady. Thanks, Ada. =)

    1. Thanks Ada! And thanks for the reminder on the link up.

  4. Love your style Gail, I have a skirt very simerla to yours :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays. Hope you can join us tomorrow.

  5. I wear my Vionic boots constantly Gail. Soo comfy! I'm liking all the silver and greys mixed to create this look.
    Laurie xx

  6. The days without a grey cloud cover are such bliss - it's amazing what some sun can do to your mood. Lovely shoes as usual Gail. Also the long skirt and jacket combo - such a good look.

  7. This outfit is right up my street Gail. I just love all the sprarkle and that sequinned jacket is divine! A super interpretation by you, well done.

    Have a great weekend!
    Anna x

  8. We could be twins! I have a simular skirt and coat! Only mine is totally worn out, it doesn't look good anymore. But I love it so much, can't throw it away! Great look Gail, I love it!
    Btw, what a fabulous header!

  9. Love the look Gail, great pleated skirt - love them still. Jacqui

  10. Loved your photo on Instagram but these are even more fun because they show off your playful side. Your SIA interpretation is spot on. And those stockings with your shoes are so fun!!!

    I have participated in the SIA posts several times but had forgotten about them. So glad to see this reminder. Do you know when they usually do these posts? I would like to get back to joining them.


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