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Monday 21 May 2018

Wide and cropped trousers

How easy is it for an older woman to wear this summer's wide and cropped culottes and trousers? Over-45s blog Is This Mutton? tries a couple of pairs for size.
Now there's a line to strike fear into most older women's hearts:  wide cropped trousers. Last year we had ankle grazers but they were mostly straight or narrow legged.  This year, "what's trending" on Asos tells me that wide, cropped trousers/ culottes are going to be very big this summer. In more ways than one.
In the interests of research, I've been trying on a few pairs.  I fell in love with these polka dot Flamenco Hem Tailored Trousers from River Island. Most of the time, they look like a skirt. But then you can surprise everyone by showing that actually they're a trouser.
Wide cropped culottes are less tricky to wear than you might think. Is This Mutton, the blog for the stylish over-45s, finds a great pair of Flamenco hem polka dot cropped trousers from River Island
I'm wearing them with a cream short sleeved top from Marks and Spencer and polka dot sling back shoes from Miss Selfridge.
How easy is it to wear cropped and wide trousers if you're over 45?
The secret to wearing wide leg crop culottes is to find a pair that end at the slimmest part of your calf. For me, longer is better, 
How easy is it for an older woman to wear this summer's wide and cropped culottes and trousers? Over-45s blog Is This Mutton? tries a couple of pairs for size.
They're surprisingly versatile.  These polka dot beauts could be worn to work and also dressed up for the evening. They don't crease so they would be great to go in the holiday suitcase.
Over 45s blog Is This Mutton tries on a pair of Flamenco hem, polka dot wide leg trousers from River Island
Next week I'll be showing you a different pair of wide leg culottes. I know it's tough having to wait, ladies :-)

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  1. One of your best outfits this year. Love it.

  2. OMG Gail...these are the best pants ever!! First the fact that they are polka dots tickles my fancy!! But the length and flare make them so perfect for the warmer days too!

    1. They have it all going on - polka dots, flounces and a flattering tailored look!

  3. I love this look on you Gail, the polka dots and spots are super cute. Thanks for sharing this outfit Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  4. Wow! Statement trousers. Love how you've modelled them in a fun way. The shoes are a perfect follow-through. Your garden's looking lush too. Hugs, my polka dot pal, x

    1. Thanks Mary - you're too kind. Glad the weather's been allowing a bit of gardening lately!

  5. Oh wow, I love your trousers! I could be seriously tempted to buy some too! Those slingbacks are fabulous - polka dots are really having a moment. Thanks for linking up Gail :-)

    Emma xxx

  6. Thank you for this post. I bought some "wide cropped trousers" at the weekend and then couldn't decide whether I looked ridiculous as a 50 something 5 foot person. After reading this I've decided I look fabulous.


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