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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Turning a wrinkled blogger into a Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess

The end result after recreating the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess look, shown on a woman aged 50 plus

I was recently sufficiently seduced by a Charlotte Tilbury make-up tutorial to try to recreate her  Golden Goddess look, as seen on Jennifer Aniston.

How easy is it to become a golden goddess when you're a mature, wrinkled and sun damaged middle aged blogger? Jennifer is in her 40s but is rumoured to spend thousands of pounds on skin treatments involving lasers and ultrasound.
Using some new Tilbury products and those I already had, plus equivalents where I didn't have the exact product, I attempted to recreate the look (above). These are my assembled products.

The product line up to recreate the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess look

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

First I prepared my skin, which is not looking its best since last week's holiday in Greece.  I've been wanting to try this dry mask for ages. The worst thing about a normal face mask is the mess. I was intrigued by the concept of a dry mask. Unfolded from the sachet, the mask is indeed dry, like a mass of tissues.  You place the pink side on your face, attaching two hooks on each side around your ears., ad gently massage. Et voila - I could audition for a horror movie.

A look for a horror film - Is This Mutton? blogger tries out the dry sheet mask from Charlotte Tilbury

Fifteen minutes later, there's a sheen of moisturizer and my skin is definitely looking more glowy with wrinkles slightly less pronounced. And no need to wash it off, with all the drips that entails. The mask can be used up to three times.  I followed this with Charlotte's Magic Cream. It lives up to the hype and I have the face and eye versions.

In the tutorial, Charlotte now uses her primer Wonder Glow followed by Light Wonder foundation.  I had both of these products a few years ago but didn't get on with them. I found they're a little too sheer for me, I need more coverage while still looking dewy.  So I used my Becca Backlight Priming Filter followed by Darphin Anti-Dark Spots Correcting Foundation in beige. I love this: it hides dark circles and dark spots but doesn't look heavy and cakey. Next, Charlotte uses The Retoucher concealer. I tried her newer product, the Mini Miracle Eye Wand.

Mini Miracle Eye Wand

A double ended eye product, Charlottre Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand

This dynamic duo is designed to lift and illuminate.  One end of the stick reveals an eye cream, which you apply under the eye and pat in;  the other end reveals a Touche Eclat style eye brightener, which is designed to be worn over concealer.

It was a great colour match for me (shade 2) and successfully camouflaged my dark circles, plus, big bonus, it lasted well and didn't sink into the lines as most concealers do.  Very pleased with the effect, although I suspect it won't last long - or at least, the eye cream "end" won't.

Next step for Charlotte's look is tidying the brows.

Brow Lift: three way shape tool

A great tool for shaping and highlighting the brows:  Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift

In the tutorial Charlotte Tilbury used this tool to create tiny eyebrow hairs. The wand has a brush at one end, a pencil at the other (I chose Supermodel, a brown shade) and, cleverly concealed and revealed by unscrewing the brush, a pinky highlighter. I love the brush and highlighter;  the pencil could be a little finer for my liking, but I love the way it keeps the brows looking good all day, unlike my usual brow product which disappears after a few hours.

My eyelashes are now curled and ready, and Charlotte starts using her Golden Goddess luxury eye palette.  I had this, a few years ago, but gave it away because the colours didn't work for me. Bronze/brown shades tend to amplify my dark circles.  So instead I used a gold shadow from Nars with plenty of sheen.

Mascara is next. I didn't have Charlotte's Full Fat Lashes but used Fairy Drops Scandal Eyes waterproof mascara in black.

Contour and Blush

Next I sucked in my cheeks and use the darker shade of Filmstar Bronze and Glow,  brushing the highlighter along cheek bones and down the center of the nose.

I then used Nars' blusher in Orgasm, which has a lovely rose gold sheen.

Luscious Lips

The lipstick used buy Charlotte Tilbury to create her Golden Goddess look, Stoned Rose,

In the tutorial, the model's lips looked fabulous after Tilbury applied her KISSING lipstick in Stoned Rose, and Lip Lustre in Ibiza. In reality, the lipstick is more a browny shade than pink, which looks a bit flat on me, sadly. The lip lustre isn't quite as glossy and juicy as it looked on the model. I should have known better because I tried a couple of Tilbury's lipsticks before and I wasn't overwhelmed by them.

But overall I was quite pleased with the look. It takes 13 products from the Charlotte Tilbury range to create, and that's without the various brushes. But she does have some kits featuring a few of the key products if you want to experiment.

You can read my other reviews on Charlotte Tilbury here  (published in 2014, not long after the brand launched in Selfridges) and here.


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  1. This is a real fun post. I've got to look at her tutorial now. I have some of her products and I actually love her light wonder foundation. I have it in a shade for my winter skin so haven't used it since April. I wonder if I'll like it as much as I remember when I use it again this winter. I was looking for your linkup . Have you done it this week? X

    1. I haven't done the link up this week. I was really hoping beauty bloggers would get on board because otherwise it's not worth doing. Will try running it as a monthly link up and will do it next week.


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