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Sunday 30 September 2018

7 Days, 7 Outfits

Over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon in lilac top, lilac cross the body bag, grey poncho, jeans and silver loafers

I always think it's fun to see what fashion bloggers really wear, day to day. So here's a week in the life of yours truly, Is This Mutton?
Starting with Saturday and a casual outfit for shopping. Food shopping - I can't bear clothes shopping in stores. I'm wearing jeans, and because it's turned quite cold, a long lilac fleece from Next (yes, a fleece - I have LOTS!), a wool poncho bought a couple of years ago, and accessorized with my silver loafer slip-ons from Vionic (link below) and a lilac across-the-body bag from Accessorize.

Over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon in relaxing at home outfit of sequin heart jumper by TU at Sainsburys and cord Boden skirt

On Sunday I dress comfortably: we have lunch with John's kids and after a frenetic morning for me of Power Plate, housework and cooking, I like to chill in the afternoon reading the Sunday Times and listening to Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s. I'm wearing a sequin heart jumper from TU at Sainsbury's (old) with a cream corduroy skirt from Boden (old).

Monday and off to work in Cambridge. I think this photo is slightly out of focus! This is my easiest work outfit. It's a blouse from Next which doesn't need ironing, a pair of M&S straight leg trousers, and metallic brogues from Next. Usually I wear it  with a bit of red jewellery and maybe red boots to stop it looking quite so dull.

Over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton? in Ziggy Stardust leggings from Yoga Leggs, blue top from Nike and long parka hoody from Nike.

On Tuesday I forgot to take a picture, so here's a photo where we fast forward a few days to yesterday (Sat) of me in my gym gear. No makeup alert! The observant among you may spot I have had my hair done. 

The leggings are from Yoga Leggs and how could I resist their name, Ziggy Stardust?  Yoga Leggs is sold at my gym and everyone who goes wears them. They are fantastic: not just brilliant designs, but high waisted and therefore more flattering than most;  silky soft and eminently washable. One of the trainers puts hers in the tumble dryer.  The long hoody from Nike is something I try to buy every winter, either from Nike or the North Face. These long parka type hoodies are invaluable for slipping on before and after the gym, but they sell out very quickly.

Stylish accessorizing with leopard from Is This Mutton? the blog for the over 45s. Supima camel skirt worn with green and bronze edged jumper with leopard print ankle boots from Office London, leopard clutch and belt from Next.

On Wednesday I was in the office, and wore my M&S camel midi skirt, which I bought in the summer and knew I would wear it throughout the year( out of stock); a three year old green jumper from Next and leopard accessories:  new ankle boots from Office London, belt from Next (too big, so wrapped it round twice) and a two year old clutch from Next.

I worked at home again on Thursday and went for a comfortable outfit of black jeans, t-shirt and   long grey cardi. Left like that it would have been a rather frumpy ensemble but I layered three rose gold necklaces and added my bang-up-to-the-minute leopard print boots. 

Over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon in green and blue brocade fur trimmed bomber jacket, green jumper, jeans and silver Reagan slip on loafers from Vionic.

Finally Friday, and a night at the theatre in London to see Foxfinder starring Iwan Rheon, Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones. Dressing for the theatre used to be an occasion but these days it isn't, so I wore jeans, a brocade faux fur trimmed bomber jacket (Asos, SW16) and jumper from Boden (old) adding a bit of edge with my backless slip-on silver Reagan brogues from Vionic.

One thing I realised, as I looked for a outfit to wear, I need a new pair of jeans.  Most of mine are old and tired looking. My frayed edge cropped jeans from Hush are currently too tight to wear.  If you read the fashion mags, they're telling us that wide or flared cropped jeans are trendy. But if you look at best sellers on Asos, and all the young people scurrying around in London, straight legged and skinny jeans are still everywhere.

I think I should actually go into a store and try on different styles, because all my pairs of jeans were bought online and they're not all very flattering.  The ones in the picture, by Levi's, are comfortable but the waist is too loose and I'm constantly pulling them up.

So that's my week in clothes. One gifted item:  Vionic Reagan slip-on loafers.

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  1. I'm clearly lazy as most of my posts are what I'm wearing. Maybe in missing a blogging trick:) i stikk hsce to get my camel skirt back into rotation as you've proven it will work in the autumn too.


  2. My posts are what I wear, no mystery there. But most fashion bloggers rarely show their home casual stuff: fleeces, leggings. So that's what I'm 'revealing.'

  3. I really like the sparkly heart sweater dress. You look great in your outfits!


  4. I love the animal print accessories in Wednesday's outfit, and the bomber jacket is fabulous! Thanks for linking up Gail!

    Emma xxx


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