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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Ribbon and Link Up

Woman over the age of 45 in blue-red matte lipstick, Velvet Ribbon, from Lisa Eldridge
I'm a great fan of Lisa Eldridge, a well-known make-up artist, as she regularly tackles the issues of older women and shows how to deal with dark circles, pigmentation, lack of radiance and so on.
So I was excited to hear she was launching a makeup range.The first products are a range of lipsticks called the True Velvet collection.

Close up of the bullet from Lisa Eldridge's blue-red lipstick Velvet Ribbon
I find that ranges designed by makeup artists tend to be more "fit for purpose" than those which are rolled out by the big makeup brands. The textures and pigmentation always seem to be better, and this is definitely the case with the lipstick I've bought, Velvet Ribbon. 

Velvet Ribbon is a classic neutral/blue red. I've found these suit me better than orangey reds. Bluey red is also great for giving a tooth whitening effect.

Each bullet has a beautiful true velvet effect which looks exactly like velvet fabric. Although it's a matte lipstick, Velvet Ribbon is not drying and has a slight sheen - it's not a flat matte. The brushed gold case is the height of sophistication and I felt like a glamorous Hollywood siren with my dramatic red lips.

It lasts well:  I used a primer underneath (Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Lift), and the lipstick still looked good after I'd drunk some water  (and it didn't leave a stain on the glass).

The other two True Velvet lipsticks are Velvet Jazz, a muted, earthy, brick red, and Velvet Morning, a hot and fiery, bright orange/red.

Visit Lisa Eldridge's website to buy the lipsticks  (they're £26). Velvet Ribbon sold out almost immediately but more stock is expected soon.There's also a cute pouch with all three lipsticks for £75. Not to mention many excellent videos and tutorials!
Close up of the brushed gold casing of the new Plush Velvet lipsticks from Lisa Eldridge
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Mary the blogger from The Pouting Pensioner in berry shades and grey boots



  1. What a gorgeous colour - such a perfect tone for this festive season. Nice idea as a present too Gail xx Maria

  2. Interesting brand Gail. I'm more an orange red as I'm warm and so teeth are an issue. Lucky you being blue toned. I like the longevity that you mention. Not many lippies do last a drink do they . the range is worth trying for that alone


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