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Wednesday 30 January 2019

What women aged over 45 really think about fashion - and link up

The results are in: the Is This Mutton? com survey of women aged over 45
I was thrilled with the reaction to the first Is This Mutton? fashion and beauty survey. Hundreds of responses! Thanks to those who completed the 10 questions. There were a few surprises in the results.
I was surprised to see how many of you go to stores to buy clothes - just 10% buy online. And the reason is clear, with many answers level pegging on the question "what are your pain points when buying clothes?"  A lot of you struggle to find clothes that fit well, particularly if you want larger sizes or you're tall or petite. Many of you know what suits you, but you can't find what you're looking for.  And some of you admit you don't know what suits you.

It was good to see that fewer than 20% said they wanted clothes to make them look slimmer. It's  reassuring because it shows that most of us are comfortable in our own skin, one of the advantages of getting older!

Most of you don't stick to one style of dressing. You're chameleons, happy to wear different styles depending on your mood. Julia Roberts is your favourite style icon from the list you had to choose from, and she has an ever changing style. Just recently she won praise at the Golden Globes for wearing a strikingly different Stella McCartney outfit.
Julia Roberts/Golden Globes (Getty Images)
It was interesting to see that half of you think you look better now than you did at 25. But the other 50% thought it was the other way round!
Some of the results of the survey of women over 45 on their shopping and beauty habits by UK blog is This Mutton?

What you'd like to see on Is This Mutton?

You're keen for posts which feature "real women" giving their advice and tips; suggestions on how to wear one item multiple ways, shopping for different shapes and sizes, and advice on how to shop your wardrobe/closet.

As far as beauty posts are concerned, 32% know their favourite products and buy them on repeat. But 23% like to try new brands, and 20% enjoy experimenting. From Is This Mutton? you like to see before and after pictures, and you would like to see real-life makeovers.

More content geared around your needs

I'll be using the Is This Mutton? Facebook page to reach out to you and get your fashion and beauty tips, plus volunteers for makeovers.

And over the next few weeks I will feature more content which:
- addresses your challenges
- gives ideas on how to wear one item several ways
- has suggestions on getting the most out of your wardrobe

Beauty posts will include your wisdom and tips, plus before and afters and product reviews. As you know, I love experimenting with new brands and I won't stop that, but I'll also focus on the more traditional brands.

Annemarie had the most Wow last week

Readers' favourite  in the #WowOnWednesday link-up last week was Annemarie, showing us how to layer to look smart at home. 



  1. Interesting stats and a surprise about Julia, she’s not one I would have thought of although she is always well put together. Thanks for all your work in collating this. Hugs x.

  2. Sounds like you have a plan! Great to have clarification xx Maria


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