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Sunday 3 February 2019

The Story of the Blues

Over 45s style blog Is This Mutton? on a dilemma with the colour blue

I have a very complex and tormented relationship with the colour blue. I like it - I mean, who doesn't like a blue sky? - but I don't believe I've ever found a shade of blue that suits me, even though there are supposed to be variants of any shade that will work for everyone. And I have a lot of hang-ups about blue. For example:

I can't mix navy blue with black. I know it's supposed to be OK nowadays, but it sticks in my craw.
Then there's the problem of what to do with that blue that's not quite navy - is it royal blue? (The skirt in the middle). To me, it looks ghastly with navy.

Actually, I hate navy, but I've been indoctrinated over the years by women writing that black is not flattering for the older woman and we should wear navy instead.

Nooooooo! Black is far better on me than navy, which drains the life and spirit out of me.

But I do have quite a bit of navy, so I make it acceptable by mixing it with fuchsia pink or burgundy, and perhaps funky tights and shoes.

Fancy tights and shoes and a pink scarf add some sizzle to a patterned blue skirt and sequinned navy blue jumper

Now here's that lovely asymmetric skirt in royal blue, which I paired with a polka dot blouse in navy. I had a dilemma about what colour tights to wear, so went for nude (yuk!). But I remember a comment on my Facebook page saying the two blues didn't go together.

Going back to 2013, here's an early Mutton shot of me in my city shorts and something I used to wear a lot, a Peter Pan collared blouse. The resolution is quite poor so I've kept it small. I liked this look though, it played to the "gamine" qualities that House of Colour told me I should play up!

Navy blue worn in a gamine way with city shorts and Peter Pan collar

There are a couple of blues which I think suit me a bit better. This one is also from 2013 and I'm wearing a periwinkle cardigan and top, having just had my hair done:

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon in periwinkle blue

And then there's cobalt blue. I was convinced it did nothing for me, and gave this top away without ever wearing it! Maybe too hasty.

A cobalt blue tunic and white jeans worn by over-45s blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton?

As I've got older and my hair colour has changed, I gravitate towards cooler colours. There used to be some warm shades I could wear, but these are fewer now.

Are there any colours you find difficult tor wear or style? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll be back on Tuesday with Sentence of the Day for January, for me a surprisingly upbeat and busy month, and on Wednesday with #WowOnWednesday.

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  1. I love the outfit with the funky tights and shoes. Yes, periwinkle blue really does suit you. I always thought I could wear most colours but am finding real white, as opposed to cream or ivory, is suiting me better. Also noticed I am looking a bit washed out in some pastels. I seem to be a true winter. Lise

  2. I think that light blue and cobalt blue outfit with white trousers look very good! Especially with that necklace. I also think that navy blue skirt outfit could work perhaps better if you wore blue shoes and belt and for example that light blue cardigan.

  3. Some great outfits Gail, I especially love the pale blue on you Gail. Thanks for joining me on #chicandstylish my friend. x


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