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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Crazy About Boots - and Link Up

Style blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton blog shows her collection of boots

One of the things I love about autumn and winter is the return of boots. Ankle boots, long boots, over-the-knee boots, round toed, pointed toed - I love them all. And here I am surrounded by most of my collection.

This year I'm most excited about long boots - the type which finish just below the knee. These look  more contemporary this year with midi skirts than ankle boots, which give you such a short flash of leg it looks odd.

I finally bought a pair of long blue boots this year, after recognizing it as a gap for quite a while.

Tips on Buying Boots

  • Fashions change every year but with boots, it's less obvious.  Round toes are supposed to be in, but a lot of stores are still selling pointy toed boots.  Wear which ever is your preference.
  • Talking of fashion, certain prints and colours may be passing fads. I held off buying white ankle boots until late in winter last year because I thought they would be a five minute wonder. But instead, everyone has realized how versatile they are, so they're still around.  I have bought a fairly cheap pair of green "snakeskin" boots because I wanted a green pair, but that trend will probably last only this season.
  • If you find it difficult to get boots that go over your calves, look for the softer pull-on style which is very popular. My blue knee length boots from Boden are pull-ons.
  • To find the length of boot that suits you best, stand in front of a mirror with a towel covering your legs from ankle to thigh. Lift the towel until you find the most flattering part of your leg. That's the best height for you for boots.
  • Buying leather is worth it in the long run: my white boots are leather and so comfortable. Wait until the sales start to find a pair at a better price.
  • My top picks for boots are metallics.  Gold, silver and pewter really do go with everything.  This year I was craving a new gold pair, and while there are now a few appearing, I could find hardly any a couple of weeks ago.  Salvation came in the form of Boden Kids.  The gold pair you can see above, on the right, are kids' boots  (they go up to a UK size 6 / European 39) with sequinned inlays.
  • As far as hosiery goes, The Times Style section has confirmed what I told you a couple of weeks ago: sheer hosiery is in. Sheers look brilliant with big clompy Dr Martens and short skirts. Sheers and patterned tights also look better with midi skirts than opaques this season.
  • Boots are ageless! Wear whichever styles and colours you want, no matter what your age. Plus flat boots, kitten heels or block heels are just as trendy as high heels, so they don't discriminate against the older woman.

  • Surrounded by boots of all colours and lengths is Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon from London, UK

My Boot Gallery

Here are some pictures where I think boots were the stars of the show.

Leopard print boots, silver boots and gold boots from the photo archives of over-50s fashion blog Is This Mutton?

Top left: silver boots go very well with the texture of velvet and the shade of burgundy. Bottom left: mixing my animal prints.  Far right: I loved these gold boots and wore them all the time but after two years the gold had tarnished.

Four pairs of boots from the collection of style blog Is This Mutton?

Far left: the only pair I've ever had of over-the-knee boots,  Second from left: I had a lot of compliments for these berry coloured boots, which I bought in Cardiff around 2003. Second from the right: these very pointy ankle boots were my favourites for a long time. They were very cheap! I felt they gave an edgy look to quite a few outfits. Finally, on the far right, a pair of bargain boots from Sainsbury's which go perfectly with the dress.

Which was your favourite booted look?

How many pairs do you have? Tell us about your oldest, and favourite, pairs, in the comments below.

Now it's time for #WowOnWednesday, the link up for all fashion., beauty or health bloggers or Instagrammers.

Last week's most clicked post was by Nancy from Nancy's Fashion Style with a perennial favourite, plaid. Nancy showed how she wears plaid with plaid.

Nancy from Nancys Fashion Style, most clicked post in the Is This Mutton #WowOnWednesday link up with her post about double plaid

My favourite post was by Sim of Sim's Life and, appropriately for a post about boots, her post about Hotter shoes, who seem to have undergone a transformation of late. Much loved by my mum and her bunions for years, the brand has suddenly developed some fashion cred. Sim shows off a pair of tan boots with several nice fashion touches. 

Blogger Sim from Sim's Life in a pair of Hotter boots: most favourite post in the #WowOnWednesday link up at style blog Is This Mutton?


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