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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Sentence a Day: February 2020 - Coronavirus hits my plans

A  flower bed containing shrub roses and spring bulbs after being weeded, winter 2020
February is usually an exciting month for me, the culmination of five months of planning for a major annual tech  event in Nuremberg. Sadly this year it was not to be.

Sat 1 Feb
Lovely day. Went for a walk with J, nearly 5 miles. Weeded, hoovered. Finally got to see the Downton Abbey film. Pleasant, uncomplicated viewing.

Sun 2 Feb
Walked to gym, 4 miles. Weeded the rose bed. I should have taken a 'before' as the weeds were so profuse and overwhelming. Still a bit left to do.

Mon 3 Feb
Office. Stress city as it is nearing the critical time for a major event that I manage at the end of Feb. J finished off the weeding of the rose bed - top pic.  I pruned the roses quite drastically this winter but I'm sure they'll be back as beautiful as ever.

Tues 4 Feb
Home. Too busy for gym. Went to London in the evening, met fellow blogger Nikki Garnett from Midlife Chic and 15 of her readers. Sadly no photos (except London at night). The Royal Festival Hall is where we met up.
View of London  at night from the Golden Jubilee bridges
Weds 5 Feb
Office. Still stress city. No time to stop for lunch. Very tired today.

Thurs 6 Feb 
Eureka moment today: wasn't tired, and reckon it's because I had a lot of carbs yesterday.  Tues hardly any. Long day but not too arduous

Fri 7 Feb 
Shelbee from Shelbee on the Edge did a lovely piece giving me a feature as she did a "steal her style" on my jeans and Bowie t-shirt outfit. Gym and supermarket,  spent vouchers.  Yes, little things cheer me up, like the fact Waitrose send vouchers for what I actually buy!

Sat 8 Feb
Beautiful day, calm before the storm which is due tomorrow. Did the shopping, a blog shoot and editing.

Sun 9 Feb
Storm Ciara.  V windy.  J went running in the forest with 20 club runners. They are a determined bunch. Our granddaughter came for lunch. She enjoyed peas for the first time. Very happy baby.

Mon 10 Feb 
Office. Still windy. The motorway I use to drive to work, the M11, was closed from my junction and beyond, long tailbacks

Tues 11 Feb 
Hurrah, blue sky. Gym.

Weds 12 Feb 
Office. Discussions about the coronavirus and whether or not we should attend the event I'm managing, in Nuremberg.

Thurs 13 Feb 
Decision made to exit the event,  Five months of work down the drain! Very sad.  Got home and found had left PC at work.

Fri 14 Feb
Had to go into office to get PC. Hardly anyone in on Fridays. Lovely sunrise. Light by 7am. Boiler broken again, 3rd time this winter. Grrr. Valentine's Day, but we don't mark it.

Saturday 15 Feb
No hot water or heating. Fortunately 11 degrees., not too cold outside.  Did shopping and  a shoot in morning before rain arrived. Fortunately the gas engineer was able to come a day early!

Sun 16 Feb
Raining.  Went to gym. Roast lamb. Storm Dennis lashed the house and drain pipe came off  the side.

Mon 17 Feb 
We now have a ritual of two Lindor chocs every evening and I spotted a box of my favourite flavour, the strawberry ones. Discovered a new podcast that's right up my street, Mortem. My breakfast was porridge from the cafeteria and some berries.
Tues 18 Feb 
Still blowy. Gym. Tried a new sausage and chorizo casserole. Delivery of my favourite Eau Dynamisante shower products.

Weds 19 Feb 
For dinner, Caesar and falafel salads.  Discovered a good drama podcast, Passenger List, about a plane that came down.

Thurs 20 Feb 
Long tiring day. V cold after bright start. Went for farewell lunch for a colleague  but no tables available so had to go back to the office for meetings with no lunch, boo!

Fri 21 Feb
At home. Realised I felt terrible yday because I didn't drink enough. I'd gone from meeting to meeting without the chance to grab any water. Foolish I know.

Sat 22 Feb 
Blustery. Gym then shopping. Wrote blog post on grey hair. Read it here. Daffodils and hyacinths now blooming well in the rose bed and front border. This is the same bed as shown in the top picture, but a couple of weeks later.
A profusion of blue hyacinths, long established, London February 2020

Mixed daffodils blooming, London Feb 2020
Sun 23 Feb
John's daughter and husband came for lunch. Roast chicken.  Had a very special delivery of a Mulberry handbag. Have never had a designer handbag before but figured that after working all my life since age 18, I deserved one, and would treasure it for the years to come.

Mon 24 Feb
Grey. Robins checking out our new nesting box. Bit sad because today I should have gone to Nuremberg. Still getting reminders to check in because you can't cancel flights on Ryanair. Made a pizza using a ready made cauliflower crust.  Was perfectly good - didn't taste of cauliflower and the crust was crisp.
Cauliflower base pizza with mozzarella, anchovies and tomatoes
Tues 25 Feb 
Having awful time at work. Another event I'm campaign managing has not got enough registrations.  Felt down all day, frantically trying to sort out issue with more emails, more advertising.

Weds 26 Feb 
Light by 6.50 and sunny. Pleasant drive. Spent morning in interesting planning meeting. Hearing Kate Garraway on a pod talking about taking more risks (we get too comfortable) made me think about trying new things. Going to start a list.

Thurs Feb 27
All the weather today. Heavy rain, then sleet, finally sunshine.  Went to a building near the Shard for a meeting.  The Shard is one of the tallest buildings in Europe at 306 metres high. The sky was very grey although the sun came out later.
Staring up at The Shard on an overcast day in London
Fri Feb 28
Terrible weather.  Gym, shopping.  Sold a top on Ebay and 2 PC monitors via our staff exchange/sell shop. Date night - we went out for dinner, local eaterie.

Sat Feb 29
The third weekend where we have had ferocious storms: Storms Ciara, Dennis, and this weekend, Jorge, a guest from Spain.  We went to visit J's son, wife and baby who's approaching one year old.

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