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Tuesday 7 July 2020

Roses, Swans and Sawdust: Sentence a Day, June 2020

Pink cupped rose Scepter'd Isle in flower in London, UK, June 2020
We're still in lock down here in the UK although rules are easing. During June "non-essential" shops were allowed to open, with lots of rules around quarantining of any clothes tried on or touched, and social distancing of course. Some schools reopened (although not very many). People living on their own were allowed to form a "bubble" with one other household. Most people are either working from home, where it's possible, or furloughed, with the exception of key workers.

Monday 1 June
Hot. Did short urban walk.  Busy day working.  Epilator came. - read my review here.

Tuesday 2 June
Still hot although cooler weather on way. Started work early. Did workout at home with my weights and step. Published Sentence a Day for May.  J had to rescue a wood pigeon which flew into the conservatory (not for the first time).
Weds 3 June
Started off sunny got colder as predicted.  Saw lots of bird life in walk around Connaught water, a man-made lake/pond in Epping Forest.
A swan and family of ducks at Connaught Water in Epping Forest
Thurs 4 June
Did shopping.  My gym organised a Zoom catch up call for members to chat. They have been running online classes but I've been walking and doing my own workouts - I feel I have enough of Zoom calls during the working day!

Fri June 5
Cooler. Hinching - Freshen Up Friday -  and working. Took photos of the roses in my flower bed which are now in full glory.  There is a mix of Scepter'd Isle (shown) and Gertrude Jekyll.
Davcid Austin English rose Scepter'd Isle in bloom in London, June 2020
Sat June 6
Cold, just 10.5 degrees. Short walk, v windy. Went to M&S to get duck in plum sauce. Watched Dating Amber, charming Irish film.  Seven out of 10.

Sun June 7
Did a blog shoot photos for 3 posts. Watched Adult Life Skills, a film with Jodie Whittaker. Five out of 10.

Mon June 8
Did walk with J, Orion trail route, hilly. Asked holiday operator if our July 1 holiday in Greece can be moved to 2021.

Tues June 9
Feeling more cheerful.  3.5 mile urban walk. Cancelled our holiday after operator told me that if we booked for next year, the booking couldn't be changed or cancelled. Without a flight organized, this was a bit too dodgy.

Weds June 10
No walk today, too busy. Still cold and cloudy. Some wax melts and a burner arrived.

Thurs June 11
Our 10th wedding anniversary. No plans to celebrate - normally we would have had a lovely dinner in a restaurant. Below - on our wedding day.  Did the shopping. Mystery shortage of Marigold rubber gloves continues. I looked it up and saw it is linked to PPE sales.
London wedding at Marylebone register office with white London cab as transport
Fri June 12
Did urban walk just under 4 miles, urban. Delivery of Minky cloths and Charlotte Tilbury concealers (reviewed here) (not the cloths!).  Became cold and grey after a sunny start. A neighbour's garage being demolished at the back.

Sat June 13
Sunny. Went with J to the forest, he did the Orions virtual fell race and I walked it - 4 miles. Sawdust marked the route. Quite hilly but enjoyable.  Did a bit of weeding.  Then went to Epping.  Too big a q at Tesco so didn't bother. Got a few bits in M&S.
Sun June 14
Did 3.5 mile walk early. Went to see granddaughter Rosie in their garden. She was a bit shy seeing adults she doesn't yet know v well.

Mon June 15
Sunny start. Did workout. Haven't been doing them often enough, losing muscle tone. Not too bad a day.

Tues June 16
Did a short walk 2.2 miles before lunch. Delivery of Marigold gloves from Amazon.  Last week was my best week this year for distance, just over 30 miles.

Weds June 17
Busy day. Went to Co Op to get salad ingredients for lunch. No exercise today. J painted fence at back which is now exposed following demolition of neighbour's garage.

Thurs June 18
Not a good day. Did a walk 3 miles in light rain. V busy at work. Then heard my company has decided not to exhibit at the big event in March that I manage. Gutted is not the word.

Fri June 19
Didn't work today. Exhausted and teary. Did shopping. Spurs back in action for 1st time since lockdown began. 1-1 v Man U.

Sat June 20
7 mile canal walk. Sunny intervals.  Did 3 outfit shoot. Had a Zoom call with blogger friend Anna. Salad and film City of Dreamers, a film about a woman who goes to live in Brighton to rebuild her life.  Seven out of 10.
Sun June 21
Father's Day walk with Rachel and Sean through the forest and past Copped Hall. New Fitbit came. Set it up. Changed beds.
June 22
Busy day. Did walk to Yates Meadow early, 4 miles. Local baker Percy Ingle to close. Several shops across East London. Very sad.

Tues June 23
V hot. Did workout at home. Not so busy today phew. Boris announced relaxation of rules from July 4.

Weds June 24
Hot. Did 3.5 mile walk Yates meadow. Busy day, unsatisfying.  Last meeting 7 to 8pm.

Thurs 25th June
Started work at 7am. Soo busy. 30 degrees.  Half a million on Bournemouth beach. No social distancing and tons of rubbish left behind. Seemed to be mostly young people. Shocking.

Fri 26th June
Raining gently when I woke up but soon cleared up and got to 29 degrees. Did the food shopping. Very stuffy in home office despite fan. Dinner was paella, new from Charlie Bigham (which J prefers to my cooking!). Published my Fri Favourites. Watched Eurovision film. Perfect antidote to ills of country. Seven out of 10.
Sat 27 June
Much cooler with showers.  Did 5 mile urban walk.

Sun 28 June 
Did workout and bit of blogging.  Roast beef. Logged into Ancestry for 1st time in ages. New DNA match. Watched Edge of Tomorrow, a 2004 film with Tom Cruise which is a bit like a sci-fi Groundhog Day. Five out of 10.

Mon 29 June
Long day working until 8pm. 2 podcasts recorded, 1 has to be redone. 45 min walk.

Tues 30 June
Another long day. Sat in on three (remote)  podcast recordings until 8pm. Secured hair appointment for 14th July with Jodie and booked some time off to see mum. 

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