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Monday 2 November 2020

Sentence a Day: October 2020: Covid test, trip to office, strange contraption in forest


Thursday Oct 1

Got print copy of Yours magazine - I was featured as a fashion blogger to follow!  

Friday October 2

Raining.  Went to gym. Did an online Bobbi Brown make-up webinar.  Watched first episode Emily in Paris.

Saturday Oct 3

Raining.  Put wet weather gear on and did urban walk 5 miles. Did some cleaning after lunch.

Sunday Oct 4

Raining.  Did food shopping. Family came for lunch including step granddaughter. Roast chicken. Watched last episode season two Borgen. Really enjoyed it.

Monday Oct 5

Raining and cloudy. New passport came, black cover - not the burgundy EU cover for obvious reasons (which make me sad - I am foremost a European).  

Tuesday October 6

John's birthday.  We did my favourite walk - started raining when we got back. My company's major event for developers started, virtually. This time last year I was at the event in California.  J had his favourite dinner, sausages and jacket potato.  He didn't want to go out. 

Weds Oct 7 

Frustrating day. Busy so no walk or gym. Lipstick and eye colour ordered from Byredo came. J got his bike trainer out.  Similar concept to Peloton, he uses one of his own bikes with it and can choose routes with virtual friends.

Thurs Oct 8

Emotional to see last two 747s leaving Heathrow, shown live in breakfast TV.  Went to gym and did shopping. 

Fri Oct 9

Ordered new fridge.

Sat Oct 10

Walked to gym (4 miles).  It was a lovely morning.  Watched last episode Emily in Paris.

Sun Oct 11

Kept day free so I could do a big blog shoot, 3 outfits . Watched film The Secret: Dare to Dream.  6 out of 10. Secured click and collect slot for Christmas turkey crown in Dec.

Mon Oct 12

John and sister Kate set off to the Lake District for a week's holiday.  Rain. No exercise, busy st work. Watched first episode of new series Adult Material. Bit of an eye opener! 

Tues Oct 13

J and Kate did Helm Crag (J is pictured below on one of their walks). Cloudy. Gym and shopping.  Gym.  Laughed at a survey where the top Google questions asked about the UK from different countries were examined.  Top of the list was "why do the British have bad teeth?"

Weds Oct 14

Sunny start. After meetings left at 11. 30 to drive to the office in Cambridge,  first time since Feb! We were given individual slots to go in to collect personal items from our office, which is to be renovated. Very strange atmosphere - deserted. A plate of nuts still on a desk. Quick stop off at Tesco, like old times.  Went home. Started Inhuman Resources,  serial with Eric Cantona  (enjoyed it). 

Thursday Oct 15

Covid news: London moving into tier 2, high risk. Households can only socialise outdoors. Went to gym. Still a bit tired after Tuesday's session.  Finished Inhuman Resources. Started book about  Barbara Amiel (read my review here). Watched extraordinary documentary My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. 

Friday Oct 16

Had long sleep as I fell asleep at 8.30pm and woke up at normal time 6am. Must have been tired. Haven't had any walks this week. Just too busy with work. John came back today, a day earlier than planned. Fridge was delivered.

Sat Oct 17

Did my fave walk then Epping and shopping. 

Sun Oct 18

Walked to PP. Sorted out bulb containers  in front garden.   Gammon for lunch but couldn't understand why it was still pink after being cooked for a long time. Then remembered that gammon stays pink, unlike pork!  Watched two episodes of Wanted.

Mon Oct 19

Did walk 4 miles, Connaught water in Epping forest (top picture). Weather quite mild. Quiet day. During night woke up v hot. Radiator was on, although heating had switched off on timer hours earlier. Had to open windows as I couldn't switch radiator off.

Tues Oct 20

Cloudy, mild. Gym.  Covid test came. Have been invited to take part in a research project where I take the test at home. It's to see how many people have Covid without symptoms.  

Weds Oct 21

Raining. Did 4 mile walk in new waterproof trousers, which worked perfectly. J ordered a new TV. 

Thursday Oct 22

Did Covid test. Sunny. Courier supposed to collect test before 6pm but didn't come. Falafels and salad

Friday Oct 23

Rearranged collection. The sample is OK in a fridge for 7 days. Walked to gym. Warm. Usual fish and chips. Sample was unexpectedly collected at 6.45 (had been rebooked for Mon). Started Barbarians, Netflix. 

Sat Oct 24

Did favourite walk of Yates meadow.  Feeling tired. Did shopping in Epping.  New TV delivered.  Watched Bill Murray film On the Rocks. 7 out of 10. Sausages and jacket potato.

Sun Oct 25

Kept the day free for household chores. Managed to plant some bulbs and prepare a bed for a bare root rose I'm expecting. Roast chicken.  

Mon Oct 26

Short walk although weather lovely. Heart wasn't in it. 

Tues Oct 27

My #7DaySkirtChallenge started on Instagram. Look out for a blog post featuring all the skirts tomorrow, 3 Nov.  Negative Covid result. Rained. Gym. 

Weds 28 Oct 

Did 4 mile walk, Yates. A strange contraption has appeared, like an old rusty motor bike. Has label saying forest police are aware.  Entire meadow now mown. Sunny. Got very wet later.

Thurs Oct 29

Had an amusing email about a post I wrote in 2004 on my old blog about Epicure piccalilli, which had been discontinued years before.  The new owners of the brand would like me to try it.  No exercise. today. Got v windy.

Friday Oct 30

Walked to gym. Rest of day was working. Bare root rose, Gabriel Oak, came.  I couldn't resist a rose named after the hero in one of my favourite books.

Sat 31 Oct 

Halloween but no kids called. Govt announced whole of UK going back into lockdown on Thursday for a month. That's my birthday dinner (Sat) up the spout. Rained so didn't do the shopping as usual.

I hope your month was more exciting than mine! And things won't be any better for November with the lockdown for a month (at least). 

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