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Friday 15 October 2021

Turning the Beauty Industry Upside Down with 3 Sticks

Forever You Beauty's Natural Glow Trio as tested by blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton. Image copyright Is This Mutton 2021

A young British company is poised to revolutionize the way older women apply make-up. Instead of offering the usual products aimed at covering up the signs of aging, Forever You's range aims to enhance our natural beauty without concealing or erasing. 
Forever You Beauty was launched by Hazel Walker and a small team of beauty experts in Kent, who hit on the idea of creating the brand after discussions about women not feeling represented in the beauty industry as they age.

Says Hazel:  "Our mantra is all about creating products that promise not to conceal, remove or erase the signs of aging.

"We’ve created the Natural Glow Trio as an easy, 3 step beauty routine that takes just 5 minutes and easily enhances your natural beauty without changing the way you look.

"All the ingredients have been chosen to work with aging skin, to deeply nourish and hydrate skin which has naturally lost some elasticity."

Forever You kindly gifted me a set of their Natural Glow Trio, which sells for £59.99. Firstly, I think the products are hugely significant, and the concept is very daring.  

Most "pro-aging" products  (many of which are still referred to as "anti-aging") specifically address some of the repercussions of too much sun when we were young - wrinkles and pigmentation.  But here is a brand run for women by women that dares to say:  let's not cover up, let's be ourselves, but a more glowing version.

I've often taken the beauty industry to task for the way it represents older women in advertising and editorial.  There are a few token role models such as Helen Mirren and Andie MacDowell, but it wasn't long ago that one brand used a woman in her 20s to advertise a cream for mature skins. 

As I mentioned in a post last week in the Huff Post,  most of the brands seem to ignore the older women demographic in their marketing. They're happy to "like" an image on IG, but they never seem to re-share in the way they do with younger women's photos.  And most of them don't work with influencers over a certain age.

How to Use The Natural Glow Trio

Stick 1 - Moisture - is a moisture stick to rub over your face, neck and decolletage. It gives instant hydration. A combination of shea butter and sweet almond provides all-day nourishment. I found you can also use it as a lip salve and it gives a bit of shine. 

Stick 2 - Tint - gives a natural blush to the cheeks, forehead, lips, neck and decolletage. The tint is buildable, so you can provide more coverage for a night-time look. It looks quite a dark colour, a type of burgundy, but it's very sheer so don't panic.  The shade is suitable for all skin colours.

Finally Stick 3 - Glow - provides a bit of shimmer when you slick it onto your eye lids, cupid's bow, neck and collar bones.  It doesn't have any glitter or iridescence which can sit in lines. The effect is quite subtle, so no risk of those obvious white lines down the centre of the nose which you see occasionally on IG. 

I find highlighters incredibly valuable and always have a few on the go.  I use them on my cheekbones, above blusher, down the centre of the nose, on the fleshy bit of the chin, and in the cupid's bow.

Here's what I looked like after using the three sticks. I look quite natural with a bit of a glow.  As I am always very honest in my write-ups, I'll tell you that I would happily sport this look for working at home, and going for a walk. 

But for a day in the office, or a social outing, I would want to use my usual foundation and concealer as well.  When all's said and done, I am a bit self conscious of the dark circles under my eyes and my pigmentation spots. I know I should get over it, but a lifetime of conditioning is hard to unpick. 

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton with natural glow from using Forever You Beauty's Natural Glow Trio of moisturizer, blush and highlighter in stick form.

The price is quite reasonable when you think that the Trio is replacing a moisturizer  (I actually use three different moisturizing products each day!)  as well as providing a blush stick and a highlighter. And Forever You do suggest that you can use a foundation as well with the products if you want to. 

It's a great set for women of all ages: I can imagine that young women would positively glow. And I know that a lot of you only wear a little make-up, so this trio would take up very little room on the dressing table.  Maybe it could even encourage the 26% of you who said you never wear make-up at all, in the last Is This Mutton Survey.

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What do you think about the concept behind the products, and do you think it's a product set you would like to try?  Do let me know in the comments. 


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