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Tuesday 1 March 2022

What Happened in February: Is This Mutton

A night out at Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell for Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon

Tues Feb 1

Went to office,  first time since early Dec. Quite a few people in. Cafeteria staff trying new options to encourage people back, walking round with tasters of various smoothies.Forgot to take a mask, but fortunately found a well stocked section near the door.

Weds Feb 2

Did workout.  Blue sky. Busy at work with planning for the new financial year which starts on April 1. Spectacular sunset.

Thurs Feb 3

Walked to yoga, got bus back. Knees a bit creaky today in the class. Some new sportswear came but most being sent back. Sold 2 items of Kettlewell. Finished work at 7pm and J had forgotten to put my quiche in oven, so ate large bag crisps and houmous instead. 

Fri Feb 4

Did Body Balance.  Busy afternoon.  Still shredding - slow process as the shredder is very temperamental. Shredding dozens of old bank statements. Had the quiche salad from yesterday for dinner. 

Sat Feb 5 

Walk with J, saw cows, had a go on a swing in forest. My home team, Plymouth Argyle, played Chelsea in the FA Cup. Shown on TV. My nephew travelled to the match. 

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton on a handmade but very well made swing in Epping Forest

Sun Feb 6

Busy day with bonus son, wife and daughter aged nearly 3 coming for lunch. Got a 2 outfit photoshoot done and wrote 40% of blog post.

Roasted 2 chickens, as I never think one will be enough.  Hid some surprises under coffee table for the granddaughter. 

Mon Feb 7

Walk. Saw cows. Lovely sunrise. Started Chloe (BBC) which I stuck with, but was ultimately disappointed by (my review here). 

Tues Feb 8

Office. Big news overnight that the proposed acquisition by a big US company is over. Sole topic of conversation at work! 

Weds Feb 9

Walk. Saw cattle and walked round Connaught Water.   Asos delivery of socks and a couple of sports tops. Hellebores out in the garden. 

Thurs Feb 10

Cold, sun out pm. Walked to yoga. Not too busy at moment, which won't last for long.

Fri Feb 11

Bodybalance. Cold. Fresh n up Fri  (cleaning). 

Sat Feb 12

Walked to Waitrose, 5 miles. Lovely planters over at Buckhurst Hill. Bought a gift card but realised halfway up the steep hill I didn't have it, so had to go back. Fortunately saw it right away. 

Pruned roses, it was sunny but v cold. Two hours to rid the rose bed of weeds at last.  They'll all be back in a few weeks....

Sun Feb 13

Did a guided walk of Fleet St in London with 15 family and friends. Started with breakfast in Caravan restaurant. J was amazed by the photo I sent him showing I had a "full English," but it's very low carb if you don't have beans or fried bread! 

Saw a  10k race going on in central London.  The walk was fascinating, Fleet Street was the home of many of the UK's newspapers a few years go. Rain started at exactly 1pm when the walk finished.

Here's the group photo, I'm in the front on the right, wearing a cream hat, with J's sister to my left.

Mon 14 Feb

Not feeling great. Exhausted and aching. Test negative.  Just rested all day. Resting heart rate is up,  and oxygen saturation 95  (normally 98). Started The Promise, BBC 4. 

Tues 15 Feb

Much better. Did walk. Stats almost back to normal. Rainy day. 

Weds 16 Feb

We have a new CEO and he delivered the quarterly biz update. Our current owners will float us within 12 months. Redundancies were announced, no details yet.  

Thurs 17 Feb

Yoga. Busy day trying to get an ad campaign ready as we have a day off tomorrow,  and teeing up 3 emails. Ordered some Easter goodies from Museum Selections (crackers, garland, cards)

Friday 18 Feb

Day of care.  Red weather warning for Storm Eunice, very rare. Did walk, urban. Not too windy at that time, but did get worse. Our road was a surreal sight of wheelie bins trundling around and falling over.

Saturday 19 Feb

Went to a meet up  of the Colourful Croydon Colour Club,  members of the Kettlewell Colour Club. Was worried no trains would be running but it was fine.  Nine of us. V enjoyable. I was the only Winter. Back by 5.30. Watched last episode The Promise. 

Sunday 20 Feb

Still pretty windy and showery.  Wrote a blog post. Accolade for blog from Feedspot, who provide RSS feeds. They rated me as #3 in the top 10 of bloggers for the over-50s. Yay!

Monday 21 Feb

Did a home workout.  Too wet to walk. Finished Der Pass. Started Fallet, Netflix - spoof of the Nordic noir genre.

Tuesday 22 Feb

Not many in office again. Talk is about the redundancies. No details yet. I'm philosophical.  No point agonising. 

Weds 23 Feb

Did a walk, very pleasant,  blue sky. Didn't last - soon clouded over. Quiet day. 

Thurs. 24 Feb

Didn't go to yoga as I've been missing my  walks. Carmine red poncho from Kettlewell delivered. Love the colour but unfortunately not the best on me, so will go back.  Gloomy cold. Ukraine crisis developed today.

Fri 25 Feb

Did Body Balance. Had a 2.5 hour workshop at work today. For dinner we took the bonus daughter and her husband to one of their favourite places, Sheesh. It's a strange place frequented by Essex stereotypes - young women in skimpy dresses with cutouts, blonde hair extensions, tans and long nails -  and z-listers from TV shows like TOWIE, which we don't watch. The food, Turkish, is passable but overpriced - £25 for chips with a sprinkling of truffle powder! (We didn't have them...)

Pictured, top: what I wore, my mixed "sheesh" (the chicken was much better than the lamb, which was a bit tough)  and J's cheesecake. 

Sat Feb 26

Did 5 outfit shoot as weather was good. Phew. Walked to Waitrose after lunch. J got me a USB hub to stop me having cables on floor. 

Sunday 27 Feb

Did a home workout. The sun was out so managed to get out into the garden to do some weeding and tidying. Loved seeing all the buds and shoots. This is the forsythia hedge, which was a blaze of colour last year in mid March.

Roast chicken. Spoke to Mum. New shredder came from Amazon. I managed to burn out the motor of the other one! This one has a much bigger bin and can shred 5 pages in one go.

Monday 28 Feb

Did a forest walk, saw the long horns unexpectedly. They were eating holly. Very cold. Butter chicken for dinner, I have it with cauliflower rice. Hardly any carbs, and doesn't taste much different from pilau rice. 

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