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Friday 26 August 2022

How I Improved My Nails in 6 Months

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton with her improved nails after an intensive 6 month regime

Dear friends. I set myself a challenge in March, "Six Months to Improve my Nails."   The results are in, and the answer is Yes! 

However. I was planning to show you perfectly manicured long nails in the reveal, and kept delaying the post because my cuticles are still not wonderful, but nonetheless, there has been a big improvement all round.

Back in March, my nails were so fragile that they tore very easily and the cuticles were overgrown and ragged, despite using cuticle oils. 

You can see in the photo, below, how dry the nails and cuticles were, when I started the project.

And here they are today: 

My Nail Treatment Plan 

  • Always wear gloves for gardening and cleaning;
  • Use cuticle products twice daily;
  • Use a nail strengthener product; 
  • Use a good quality emery board and file in one direction only;
  • Take Omega Oils and Biotin  (vitamin B7) supplements daily;
  • Using a moisturizing hand wash (I use L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Wash)
The good thing about my nails now is that they're more or less the same length, and the nails are stronger. They're still a bit ridged, but that's a sign of age unfortunately. Previously, they used to split as soon as they grew just a small amount. They would "catch" on everything, even though I'd filed them, as if the layers of nail were still rough.

I still struggle with the cuticles. When I've applied one of my nail oils the nails look great, but I still get hang nails and overgrown cuticles, and it's all too tempting to snip them.  It would be good to have a regular appointment with a beautician but I don't want to go down that road. I've given up work and I'm trying to spend less on beauty and clothes. 

I've found that my years of not using nail polish mean that I've become very rusty at painting my nails.  I splashed out on an OPI gel effect nail polish in a shade said to be Jennifer Aniston's favourite, Tiramisu for Two, along with the base coat and top coat. Disaster! I kept getting blobs on the base of the nail. Just a day later it was possible to peel off the polish in strips. I didn't like the colour anyway - very dingy on my skin! 

So I'm not bothering with nail polish. I get a shiny natural look - which I'm told is all the rage - with a terrific product I found in Greece, Garden Nail Care Diamond Hardener for Brittle and Weakened Nails. Unfortunately it used to be available in the UK but isn't now. 

Biotin is Helping My Hair Grow Longer!

The game changer for my nails?  The real game changer was the Biotin and Omega Oils, which I take in supplements from Swiss BioEnergetics (via Amazon).  I eat salmon or mackeral twice a week, but obviously wasn't getting enough omega oils. 

A welcome side effect was that my hair grows a lot faster now which I put down to the biotin. It isn't scientifically proven to improve either hair or nails but is "said to."  My hair has definitely been growing faster in the last six months. 

I also found the condition of the backs of my hands has improved by using retinol every other night. I use Lixirskin emulsion and mix in a couple of drops of their Night Switch Retinol. 

Now I must keep up the good work! I have so many lovely rings I can now wear. If you have any other nail tips, please share in the comments.

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  1. Can’t seem to find the Greek nail products only on their Greek site? Love your blog Heather x

    1. Hi Heather so pleased you like the blog. Unfortunately it seems the product is no longer available outside Greece. I ran out of it a few months ago but my nails have continued to improve. My cuticles are better thanks to a cuticles conditioner from Margaret Dabbs. Hope that helps x


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