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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Get Yourself Coated

 & #WowOnWednesday

Dear friends. Winter is coming! And with it the need to evaluate the coat situation. Coats take up a lot of room in the wardrobe so I don't have TOO many  (Mr Mutton would disagree). I generally buy one a year, if I think I need it.

The key thing with coats and jackets, unless you have a walk-in closet, is to be very choosy about what you buy, and make sure you will wear it a lot. 

For years I preferred the look of wool cashmere coats because they look so much more stylish than puffers and anoraks. But I wasn't wearing them very much because they aren't very warm, and neither are they waterproof. They're impractical except on the occasional not too cold, blue sky days.

Find the right coats for your lifestyle 

My lifestyle now is occasional outings which are a mix of very casual and dressy  (friends, family, theatre, museums, shopping) and thrice weekly forest walks.  The best thing for my lifestyle is a dressy wool coat for when the weather allows it, and a small selection of waterproof coats and jackets for everything else. Plus lighter jackets and ponchos for the transition from summer to autumn, and winter to spring. 

This lilac cocoon coat came from M&S. It has a high percentage of cashmere, so it's very soft. I always dreamt of wearing it to the theatre. But I only wore it once last year, and once the year before, so I'm thinking of giving it away. 

I also have this ivory coat from Banana Republic which I bought in New York back in 2006. It's another one that seldom gets an airing.

Another coat that seldom gets an outing is this black velvet number. I love the faux fur trimmed hood. It reminds me somehow of Little Red Riding Hood. I bought the coat many years ago at a family run department store in Newbury. It has the label Dannimac. It's a lovely coat but has no warmth in it whatsoever, but is no good in autumn or spring because of the fur hood, which is not detachable. I keep it in the hope that one day I might be conveyed to the theatre in a limousine and go straight inside! 

Now this jacket, purchased three years ago, is a real winner. It's by the North Face and has a detachable hood. The zip is very grouchy and drives me bonkers. But the jacket is warm and a flattering style, and I wear it on walks when it's cold in January and February.  In London temperatures rarely get below 5c (41 Fahrenheit). This picture was taken in February 2021 when we had a brief sprinkling of snow.

The jacket at the top of the post is a similar style except that it only cost £38. It's new this season. I bought it brand-new on eBay. The zip seems a bit easier than the cream jacket but it hasn't quite got the workmanship around the seams, and variety of fastenings.  I thought grey would be quite versatile;  too many jackets and puffers are black or khaki green. 

If you're buying a puffer, I'd recommend trying several so you can see how easy the zip is to use, whether or not the hood is usable, and to check if the style is flattering.  I tried a puffer in mint green described as "oversize."  Reviews suggested sizing down, so I sent for an 8  (US 4).  It was still absolutely huge and not very warm. So it went back! 

In a colder climate you are probably thinking about insulation ratings. At the moment it's still quite mild and sunny in the UK, so it's fine to wear moto jackets, ponchos and dusters.  I have several moto jackets, the most recent addition being this one, which although from Kettlewell originally I bought pre-loved. I wore it on Friday when we went out for dinner in a smart restaurant. 

I have a green coat which always gets a lot of compliments. It's not particularly warm so I wear it in early autumn and late spring. It came from M&S. 

Everyone needs a trench coat

Another "must have" in the UK is a trench coat. These are great for when you're using public transport, so not having too prolonged a soaking, and you don't want to get too hot and bothered on the underground. They're also quite stylish, as Jess from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish showed recently.  Mine was bought in 2016 from Laura Ashley, and it still fits the purpose. 

By far the rain jacket I wear the most is this one, which is from outdoor specialists Rab. It's what I wear in the Lake District and on my walks in Epping Forest when it rains  (with waterproof trousers).  Every now and then I use Nik Wax to make sure it retains its waterproofing.

So that's my winter coat and jacket wardrobe.  I seem to have a bit of a neutral / cream theme going on! I'd be interested to know how many you have (if you're prepared to say) and how many you buy a year. Do tell in the comments!

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  1. Such a great collection of coats and jackets. I always feel like it is important to keep key pieces you know you will always get use out off without sacrificing on style. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

    1. You're quite right, I'll keep those wool coats in the hope that the right opportunities will present themselves! I'd hate to be going to a very upmarket event and having to wear a puffer coat!

  2. That's a good selection. That lilac coat is gorgeous, keep it! I also love wool coats but they are just not handy. I also love longer coats but it's a horror for in the car.

    1. Agree, when I was commuting I always took a long coat off in the car and it was freezing to start with!

  3. Just bought a light grey coatigan today as fed up with wearing puffa type jackets. It is OK for this time of year and probably spring when you just want another layer.


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